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Published: July 22, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • In a dev blog, Riot revealed what systems it would like to polish
  • The company will be reducing the impact of ranked decay in order to let pros take a break
  • A new social comparison leaderboard will be introduced to motivate players to compete with their peers

Riot Games revealed what systems it would like to improve and teased information about the addition of a new social comparison leaderboard.

Giving Pros a Breather

Game development company Riot Games has revealed what changes will be coming to the League of Legends in-client systems. One of the most notable of the detailed changes is the rebalancing of the ranked decay, which will be welcomed by all high-ranking players. 

Ranked decay is a system that lowers a players’ rank during a prolonged period of inactivity. It is a clever system that is made to ensure that the global ranking remains relevant and shows only the current best players. It also inspires high-ranked players to continue working towards maintaining their position once they have achieved it. 

However, ranked decay has been too unforgiving in recent times and has been dramatically dropping players down the ladder in just a few weeks of inactivity. Riot Games has realized how brutal and demanding the system’s current iteration is and has decided to make it more forgiving and to give professionals a breather.

Outclassing Your Player Pals

Riot will be introducing some more changes to the game and will be introducing “a more personal social comparison leaderboard.” It will be made with “quality of life” in mind and will be easily accessible directly from the ranked lobby, according to the dev blog

By “a more personal social comparison leaderboard,” Riot envisions a system where players can see their ranks compared to those of their friends and people they often play with. Riot’s product lead on the competitive gameplay team, Cody Germain, described it as “competing more clearly against one’s friend list, instead of a bunch of strangers.” 

This clever system can potentially inspire people as now they will be motivated to outclass their peers in the spirit of friendly competition. 

In the dev blog, Riot also touched on numerous other things that will be revisited, such as behavioral systems, player penalties, and matchmaking. The game will slowly be proceeding to work on the desired changes in order to polish the game even further. 

Riot’s schedule for implementing all of these changes is unknown, but League of Legends players may be getting an experimental version of some of them, with the patch coming next month. 

Right now, Riot Games has the responsible task of managing both League of Legends and Wild Rift. It is good to see the game company taking care of both games and striving to provide players with a flawless and engaging experience. 

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