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Published: April 27, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games announced that Taliyah will see her abilities reworked as the team tries to make her more viable
  • Taliyah will be less strong in the early game but will have all her abilities upgraded
  • Some moves will have lower damage values but will be more universal and will have reduced cooldowns

Taliyah will sacrifice some of her early game power but will have her abilities enhanced, Riot Games’ lead champion designer announced.

Taliyah to Get Rebalanced

Riot Games’ lead champion designer, August Browning, unveiled some of the upcoming changes to Taliyah the Stoneweaver. The devs want to make her more viable to play in League of Legends esports.

As things stand currently, Taliyah tends to be really strong in the early game but loses steam the more a game drags on. The LoL team plans to address that by lowering her explosive early power and adjusting her other skills to be more helpful in the later stages of a match.

While the nomadic mage will not have such an easy time at the beginning of a game, she will contribute more thanks to changes in her abilities. Here is how Riot will make the beloved earth mage a better character:

Taliyah’s Moves Will Be Enhanced

Threaded Volley will once again be classified as an area-of-effect damage spell with a 175 unit radius when it hits a target. Furthermore, if Taliyah uses the ability on worked ground, she will consume it and toss a rock that inflicts double the damage to the initial target, slows it down and unleashes splash damage with 225 unit radius. To make things even better, Riot has decided to reduce Threaded Volley’s cooldown time.

Unraveled Earth will have its upfront values increased across the board as it will deal more damage and will have an enhanced range and a longer duration. It will now stun enemies for a second, making it easier for the earth mage to deal with speedy champions. To balance things out, the second portion of the field will deal damage only when an enemy dashes through it and detonating rocks will have their overall damage reduced.

Seismic Shove, on the other hand, will no longer deal damage at all. Instead, it will be reimagined as a more utility-oriented effect and will have its effective range increased by 25 units. Its knock-up delay, cost and cooldown time have all been decreased.

Lastly, Taliyah’s ultimate move, Weaver’s Wall, will be retouched a bit. The nomadic spellcaster will no longer be able to cast the move within three seconds of being hit by an enemy character or a turret but she will no longer get knocked off the wall when she takes a hit. Taliyah’s Weaver Wall will also allow her to jump up to 700 units at a 1200 dash speed.

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