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Published: January 16, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Players complain about League’s battle pass
  • A number of them have proposed solutions to the battle pass’ problems
  • Many say League’s pass should function like that of Fortnite

Many players have taken to social media to complain about the large amount of grinding that League of Legends’ battle pass requires.

Players Discuss the Battle Pass

Battle pass systems have been a somewhat controversial way for game devs to implement new content and progression into a game and Riot Games does not shy away from the practice. League of Legends’ pre-season in late 2022 was seen as somewhat lackluster, with bruisers running the show, necessitating their nerfing. 

Riot is now hoping that the company’s mishaps in recent months will be ameliorated by League’s new battle pass. However, it seems players have more than a few things to say about it as many have taken to social media to express their opinion on the matter and suggest how the battle pass can be improved. 

Reddit has been a focal point of much of the feedback and a post from January 15 dissing League’s latest event pass gathered thousands of upvotes. The OP’s writes that their main issue with the pass is the huge grind it takes. “Let’s do the math: we get 2 packs of missions, granting 5k pass experience each. So 10k EP from missions. You Need 20k to get to Level 50, so you Need to grind another 10k. That equals to 1.667 Minutes of won games and 2.500 Minutes of lost ones. Let’s say a game takes 30 minutes: That Takes 56 won games or 84 lost ones.”

What Do Players Propose?

It seems many of the commenters agree with the OP’s conclusion that the prizes themselves are fine, but it just takes a long time to grind to acquire them. “Another problem is the way the prizes are situated on the pass,” reads one highly-voted comment. “Like holy shit, you need to grind at least 30 levels before you start getting the good stuff.”

With that being said, many commenters proposed solutions for the problem, many pointing to how Fortnite deals with its content. The community says that Riot’s battle pass, just like Fortnite’s, should regularly award players with event-related skins. The main reward should be the Prestige skin of the battle pass.

If a Fortnite-like system is implemented, players would be able to earn battle pass currency, just like with League tokens, which will allow them to select the rewards they like the best at each level. If Riot implements such a system, the community would get more rewards and pass-related content that continuously rewards progress while not forcing the community to play the game.

And this is not just wishful thinking, as Riot recently promised to implement changes based on community feedback. Considering this, we may see some of the proposed changes implemented in the future.

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