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Published: June 19, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • According to a report, the LCS Teams were pushing a vote for the removal of the Academy league team requirement
  • However, this doesn’t seem to be the case, even though some teams would still like fielding an Academy team to be optional
  • LCS commissioner said that rules couldn’t be changed even with a vote

LCS commissioner came out to debunk claims that teams are voting against the Academy prerequisites.

Teams Can’t Simply Vote the Rules Away

In a recent Twitter report, independent content creator and interviewer Travis Gafford shared a report that claims the North American LCS team owners have voted against the requirement to keep a team in the Academy league for 2022. 

However, LCS commissioner Chris Greeley denied such a vote ever taking place. He explained that LCS teams “can’t vote away Academy requirements.” According to the commissioner, Riot has been trying to create a functional development system in North America. Greeley confirmed there are still some things that can be smoothed out but still, it is good to see Riot, LCS teams, and the Players’ Association come together to work on “something great” collaboratively. 

Greeley contacted some team owners to check if the report. However, they denied that a vote took place at all. 

“We are still very early in discussions with teams and the PA on what Academy/amateur looks like in the 2022 and beyond,” the commissioner elaborated.

Other Reports Concerning the Academy Teams

Additionally, Gafford has also said that LCS teams are demanding that the Academy teams aren’t bound to LCS Studios in Los Angeles. It seems that it is more convenient for them to have the teams play online. 

The LCS Players’ Association is apparently talking with Riot, organization owners, and the community about any potential future changes. Organizations are unhappy with the costs of the Academy system, and some indeed wish for the Academy teams to become optional. The Association will work on the costs to ensure the well-being of the community. 

The League of Legends Championship Series has been dedicated to supporting amateur players and ensuring the future of League of Legends esports. To that ends, the league has recently partnered with Mobalytics to help talented young players who aspire to become true esports athletes. 

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