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Published: January 20, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The LCS Lock-in continues with Evil Geniuses proving an unstoppable force
  • They are given tremendous odds to win once again in the upcoming game
  • Dignitas have (3.34) on the odds, which makes them the heavy underdogs here

As we are probably all looking forward the LCS Spring Split, Riot Games has us covered with the LCS Lock-in which is giving us a taste of what to expect. The event features some of the best teams in North American League of Legends and the upcoming series between EG and Dignitas will be fun to behold.

The game is locked in for 10:30 pm ET and it gives EG some 73% chances of winning this one in what appears an effortless fashion. Evil Geniuses is killing it in the overall standings so far, and that’s good news for EG fans.

Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas Odds – January 21, 2022

  • Evil Geniuses to win (1.24)
  • Dignitas to win (3.34)

Where to Watch Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas

  • Twitch: LINK
  • Time: 10:30 pm ET / 4:30 am +2 GMT

Evil Geniuses Preview (Jan 21, 2022)

Evil Geniuses have done tremendously well in the LCS Lock-in. More of a warm-up setting than the real thing, EG has not faltered in a single game, using the lead-up to the actual LCS Spring Split in February as a way to test new strategies, teach some backups important strategy lessons, and completely dismantle everyone else in the process.

As it turns out, EG are yet to lose a game in this one and Bitcasino’s odds at 1.24 are not random. They reflect on Evil Geniuses quality and pace of play which has translated into better results for all parties involved.

EG may face some opposition from Team Liquid yet, but Group B seems to be almost a sure-fire win for EG. With only a few days left of the competition, this is doubly the case.

Dignitas Preview (Jan 21, 2022)

Dignitas on the other hand aren’t doing too badly. They are 1-1 so far in the standing and losing to Team Liquid isn’t exactly something they should be ashamed of. They did win flawlessly against Immortals, but the truth is Immortals have not had much of luck this season.

So, what are the odds of Dignitas actually making a dent in EG’s play this weekend? Not great, to be perfectly level with you. Even, which usually offers some fantastic odds on the underdogs and balances the sides a little better has not offered much here.

Evil Geniuses seem the shoe-ins here and that is understandable. If you do feel like going out on a limb (and possibly the whole tree) you can still bet on Dignitas prying away a single victory. However, for EG fans such as ourselves and pragmatists, betting on EG to win is your best call.

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