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Published: June 4, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The LCS’s Summer Split 2023 promises to be a lot more interesting with its new format
  • Riot Games said this would lead to a more focused viewing experience
  • The tournament’s playoffs will also feature a new more exciting format

Riot Games has listened to fans’ requests to bring best-of-3 matches to the LCS and the company will do so in the upcoming Summer Split.

LCS To Have More Interesting Matches

As League of Legends’ LCS 2024 Summer Split draws closer, the event’s organizers are busy preparing. With less than a week before the start of the tournament, fans would be delighted that the event promises to be better thanks to a series of changes.

Commissioner Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman explained yesterday that Riot Games will introduce a single round-robin, best-of-three format for the regular season. The big change comes after the fandom has been asking for similar format changes for years. These requests have been popping up quite often, especially when comparing the LCS to the LPL and LCK.

In a follow-up article, Riot Games also explained that they are thrilled to announce the introduction of the Best-of-3 format for the LCS Summer Split. The company also said that the fans’ feedback was key to this decision. “Firstly, we remain committed to our “Fan First” approach, prioritizing the desires of our audience and the competitive interests of our teams,” Riot Games’ statement reads. “We also believe Best-of-3 formats offer teams the opportunity to showcase their skills and strategies in more matches on stage, focusing on a single opponent each week. We will evaluate the format’s effectiveness with teams, pros, and the community as we progress.”

The company also explained that it is keen to gauge the reception of this change among the broader LCS viewership. Considering there will be a reduced number of teams competing on each broadcast day, Riot anticipates a more focused viewing experience.

A New Playoffs Format Awaits

Aside from a new format in the earlier stages of the tournament, players will also be met with a new playoff format. According to Riot Games, this will intensify competition further with the aim of supercharging the postseason and creating even better storylines.

“With three coveted spots at Worlds up for grabs, our Summer Playoffs now feature all teams starting in the winner’s bracket, accompanied by a gauntlet-style losers bracket,” Riot Explained. “Additionally, the two top-seeded teams enjoy first-round byes, with 1-seed awarded the freedom to select their preferred side of the bracket at the start of the upper bracket.”

The LCS Summer Split 2024 starts on Saturday, June 15, so make sure not to miss it.

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