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Published: April 23, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • The League of Legends Championship series will work together with Mobalytics to support the North American Amateur league
  • Mobalytics has updated its site with the less experienced players in mind
  • The parties aim to make local unrecognized talent more accessible

Riot once again proves its willingness to grow League of Legends by extending support to amateur players with Mobalytics’ help.

LCS and Mobalytics Work Together for the Future of Esports

The League of Legends Championship Series will partner with esports analytics site Mobalytics to establish a better esports ecosystem for less professional players. LCS and Mobalytics have worked together before to share data but never on this scale and with the quite the same aim.

To mark the start of this collaboration, Mobalytics has updated its site to better work in amateur players’ favor. It will now be providing more detailed data for the performance and ranking of players in order to help facilitate player scouting.

LCS North America’s Head of Amateur and Scholastic Matt Nausha shared that LCS is committed to establishing a better ecosystem for amateur players. Nausha promised that the collaboration with Mobalytics will make it easier for esports professionals to support aspiring players in North America. 

“Working with so many passionate players, staff, teams, and organizations have been invigorating. As we move forward, we’ll continue to assess how we can better our processes and further the league’s development,” Nausha said.

Mobalytics’ CEO Bogdan Sychyk revealed his company is delighted of this collaboration. According to him, with the industry’s growth being as it is, in a few years the professional gamer’s path may start in high school or even earlier. Sychyk hopes that Mobalytics’ data will help professional teams scout promising players as it has been done in other professional sports.

It’s reassuring to see the LCS looking forward to the to-be-professional players and supporting younger talents.

Esports organizations everywhere have been thinking about the future and making esports more accessible and the career of a professional esports athlete more streamlined and comprehensible. Recently Team SoloMid launched an initiative that aims to familiarize college students with the industry. On the other hand, Misfits recently established a platform that focuses on inspiring women in gaming. 

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