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Published: February 29, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Many matches have already been disrupted by the attacks
  • The game between T1 and FearX was the latest victim
  • LCK says measures have been taken to address the issue

After several matches had been disrupted, the LCK decided to play matches privately and broadcast them later.

Game Was Delayed

Disruptions to esports events can often come in many forms, which often leads to problems with running the matches. One very disruptive occurrence can be DDoS and it seems like the LCK 2024 is suffering from such. Yesterday, the tournament organizer postponed the second game in the match between T1 and FearX after continuous ping issues.

According to the LCK, a series of DDoS attacks have been targeting the League of Legends servers based in Korea and used to host the Tournament Realm. The organization made efforts to stabilize the network, but players continued to report elevated ping. For this reason, it was decided to postpone the second game of the match.

Interestingly, the game was broadcast just a few hours later after the two teams agreed to continue their match, but behind closed doors. Unfortunately, many fans were unprepared for this and missed it as the broadcast occurred after midnight in Korea, making it difficult for a lot of them to watch it.

LCK Suffers from DDoS Attacks

Over the past few weeks, DDoS attacks, often recognized by spiking pings, have been a persistent issue in the Korean gaming community. Many solo queue players on the Korean server have reported issues and a large portion of the major streamers and professional players decided not to play.

A DDoS attack occurs when many devices work together to disrupt the normal functioning of a website, or in this case, a network, by flooding them with more data than they can handle. This makes it difficult for the system to handle regular requests, causing it to slow down, as in the case of the match between T1 and FearX, or even crash.

A previous and similar incident occurred on Feb 25 leading to a whopping seven-hour game between DK and DRX. The players had to wait on stage while fans observed their boredom and were undoubtedly also bored. To avoid things like this from happening again, the LCK decided that matches for the remainder of the week will be all pre-recorded. Ticket holders for Thursday and Friday will receive full refunds.

In the meantime, the league is looking for ways to address the issue. Various network inspections have already been done and measures undertaken, but the LCK also acknowledges the potential for attackers to “try other approaches.”

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