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Published: February 15, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • DWG KIA and DRX come into Week 5 of the LCK Spring Split 2022 with the same score
  • DRX is posted as the heavy underdog at 2.71 citing their tendencies to lose individual games
  • We believe that DRX has a lot of fight in them and the odds are grossly underestimating them

DWG KIA and DRX are going up against each other in Week 5 of the LCK Spring Split 2022. Both teams have been able to win five out of eight series and have an average win percentage of 63%. However, DWG KIA has performed slightly better with a 13-6 run so far, amassing a respectable overall track record.

DRX has admittedly struggled a whole lot more with its 10-8 in the overall standing. The odds make out this upcoming series on Thursday to be fairly one-sided with DWG KIA posted at 1.36, but whether this is actually going to be the case will depend solely on how well the two teams will do. We take a look at their games so far and what these teams bring to the table.

DWG KIA vs DRX Odds (February 17, 2022)

  • DWG KIA: 1.36
  • DRX: 2.71

Hanwha Life vs DRX Date & Stream

  • Date: February 17, 2022
  • Time: 13:00 + 2 GMT
  • Watch: Twitch

DWG KIA Betting Preview (Feb 17, 2022)

DWG KIA definitely has little to complain about. Their overall standing in the LCK Spring Split pecking order places them #3, ahead of DRX. The team has won 13 out of nineteen total games and five out of eight total series. This is a respectable record and the team is riding two wins in Week 4 and into Week 5.

DWG got through both LSB and KDF without much trouble in the previous week of the competition, posting 2-0 twice and remaining unchallenged. Overall, KIA have shown fewer weaknesses when it comes to losing individual games, playing in a dedicated manner that has stuck to the team’s core principles of out-maneuvering their opponent through sheer farm power and patience.

And DWG KIA can be patient to the point where opponents often find themselves involuntarily miffed and eager to act out first. We believe this gives KIA a very strong presence in the upcoming game as well.

DRX Betting Preview (Feb 17, 2022)

What about DRX? The team is known to play well, but it does falter on occasion. Whether it’s because of a momentary mistake that bears too high a cost or just a general lethargy in the gameplay, DRX has found themselves shut down by fairly weaker teams on multiple occasions. But shut down doesn’t not mean defeat.

DRX has been able to recover in many of the games it played. It allowed a single game away against KT in Week 4 but won the series with 2-1. Hanwha Life took a single game against DRX, but the team bounced back securing two victories in a clean sweep. Granted, the squad has some problems with calibrating their game when they first meet a team, we will be the first to admit, but odds of 2.71 just seem too long for our taste.

That is why we are going to side with the underdogs here because of the immense value they offer. We will pick DRX to win. The correct score is unfortunately only let at 0-2 and while the odds are brilliant for that, we can’t justify this selection as there is almost no way DWG KIA will lose two straight games to DRX without putting a fight. Therefore:

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