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Published: January 13, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Liiv Sandbox won their first game in the LCK as the underdogs earlier this week
  • We believe Sandbox will take out Nongshim RedForce and offer great return
  • Liiv are posted at (2.70) odds and we believe that you should back this selection

The upcoming game on Saturday, January 15 between Nongshim RedForce and Liiv Sandbox posts RedForce as the overwhelming favorite. With odds at (1.36) there seems to be little that could stop RedForce to pry away a victory against Sandbox. We are not quite sure this is the case, though given that RedForce faltered in their opening game. At the same time, Liiv Sandbox are posted at exceptional (2.71) odds. Let’s take a look at what makes bookmakers think RedForce are such huge favorites.

LPL 2022: Nongshim RedForce vs Liiv Sandbox Odds – January 15, 2022

  • Nongshim RedForce to win (1.36)
  • Liiv Sandbox to win (2.70)

Where to Watch LPL 2022 RedForce vs Liiv Sandbox

  • Twitch: LINK
  • YouTube: LINK
  • Time: 10:00 am GMT +2  

Nongshim RedForce Preview (Jan 15, 2022)

Nongshim RedForce definitely have a few dangerous aces up their sleeve. The team did take down T1 back in June which was also the longest game of the LCK Summer Split, and kudos to that. RedForce have been able to demonstrate resilience and perseverance in crucial moments, steering their gameplay forward and delivering on excellent performance.

They put up a great fight against Hanwha Life Esports and manage to sweep the first game in the series through pure teamplay. The scales went heavily in RedForce’s favor with the team demolishing their opponents.

Game 2 and Game 3 unfortunately were a U-Turn. It seemed that suddenly Hanwha Life Esports found what they needed to win and pressured RedForce to the point where they had no chance of securing a victory. Both games were rather painful to watch and in Game 2, RedForce secured only three kills.

Despite that, RedForce are given the impressive (1.36) on the moneyline or match winner here and we find this hard to believe.

Liiv Sandbox Preview (Jan 15, 2022)

Liiv Sandbox were posted as the underdogs at (2.54) in their opening game against DRX. We successfully predicted that Liiv were heavily undervalued, but still gave the odds some consideration, deciding to put the second pick on Total Maps over 2.5. Well, Liiv surprised even us, because they sealed the series in two games.

It did seem like Sandbox were losing it at one point, having fallen behind their opponents at some 7,600 gold disadvantage, but this didn’t stop them. The team acted in perfect unison, demonstrating great synch in both the offense and defense.

Interestingly, Liiv did seem to falter which had us worried that the bookmakers may be right after all, but as the game advanced and fights erupted it was immediately evident that SANDBOX is quite capable of delivering on great team play and overcoming what may have seemed like very long odds.

We believe that the upcoming game against Nongshim RedForce will be a similar scenario. RedForce are given way too much to win here, and we will be going with SANDBOX on the picks for the Saturday series.

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