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Published: January 13, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Freecs and KT Rolster opened with a loss in their opening games
  • KT Rolster were able to keep up with Damwon even though they lost
  • They are once again the underdog here (1.95) but we expect them to sweep Freecs

Both Freecs and KT Rolster lost their opening games in the LCK. This means that the stakes will be pretty high for both of these teams would be looking at a win. Freecs tried and failed to put up a fight against T1 and KT Rolster faltered against Damwon. To be fair, that was sort of expected.

We did pinpoint the score of that last game, with Damwon winning 2-0 as we predicted. The odds for the present game, though, are much closer, and being able to tell who would win here would be harder, but the good news is that both selections can bring you some value. Let’s take a look at what the best betting selections for you would be here.

LPL 2022: Freecs vs KT Rolster Odds – January 15, 2022

  • Freecs to win (1.69)
  • KT Rolster to win (1.95)

Where to Watch LPL 2022 Freecs vs KT Rolster

  • Twitch: LINK
  • YouTube: LINK
  • Time: 13:00 pm GMT +2  

Freecs Preview (Jan 15, 2022)

So, Freecs had a rough one playing against T1. Nobody can blame them. The team lost both games of the Bo3 series, but they did put up quite a fight. For one, they managed to amass a solid pile of gold, even though T1 pulled ahead with 12-7 kills in Game 1 of the series.

Freecs demonstrated composure and methodology that allowed them to keep themselves in the game and keep prodding the enemy’s armor for chinks. The bad news was that there were none. While T1 is the highest-caliber opponent you can play against, so are Freecs who know that they lacked something in that opener game.

We believe that at (1.69) to win, Freecs make for a great selection here, precisely because they managed to stay fairly up in the gold charts despite the underwhelming battles. However, farming prowess cannot be all, and to secure a win in their second game, Freecs would really need to step up their coordination and team play.

KT Rolster Preview (Jan 15, 2022)

You may be thinking that we are a little harsh on those occasions when we dismiss the favorites, and perhaps we are. However, we feel that going with the underdogs on this occasion might actually bring you better results. KT Rolster did have quite a bit of trouble putting up a fight to Damwon but watched that game and the stats was pretty impressive.

In fact, KT Rolster did not flag by a great deal behind Damwon. Now, you may argue that Damwon are no T1, and that’s true. However, we are still pretty confident that the ability to play together as a team KT demonstrated would be enough to get them through the Saturday game.

We would argue that KT Rolster are once again undervalued here and that they will be able to upset bookmaker expectation. But hey, it’s not your job to worry about the bookmakers making the wrong calls on their odds. It’s your job to make smart picks. We would go with:

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