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Published: February 6, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • Freecs and FearX hue closely to each other in terms of overall performance
  • FearX seems to be the underdog and just so
  • We predict the series on Friday will go the distance offering a great betting opportunity

Kwangdong Freecs are going to play tomorrow against not FearX, their Friday contenders, but DRX. The game is largely seen as a pushover for Freecs with the Bo3 series possibly reaching a third game. Yet, we are focusing today on their upcoming match against FearX which is a little more balanced and gives the underdogs a slightly better chance of winning all in all.

Freecs vs FearX Betting Odds

Kwangdong Freecs1.51
*Odds taken from Cloudbet

Where to Watch Kwangdong Freecs vs FearX?

  • Watch: Twitch
  • Time: 12:30 pm
  • Place: Online

Kwangdong Freecs Betting Preview

Kwangdong Freecs will be coming into the game with FearX determined to win. Although we can yet use their performance against DMX due on Wednesday to make predictions about Friday, we are able to summarize several things about the team as a whole.

For starters, Freecs are likely to come ahead in the overall standing – they are currently one position before FearX, and they are determined to maintain a healthy lead. Freecs have been able to take a game against Rolster which shows that they are able to come together when it matters, although they admittedly failed to make a dent against T1 and Gen.G this season.

An expected win against DRX will definitely bolster their morale and put them in fighting stance whereas FearX will be taking a bit of a break until Friday. In a word, Freecs are likely to remain the favorites for the match-up even after tomorrow’s game, and this tracks with their current performance.

FearX Betting Preview

FearX is naturally given as the underdog in the upcoming clash and for a good reason. Let’s start by comparing what is similar between the teams. Both have lost to T1 and KT, although surprisingly FearX actually defeated T1 in a single game in the series whereas Freecs triumphed over KT in just one of the games in the series.

FearX though admitted a single game loss to DRX and didn’t manage to sweep them clean out, but we predict that Freecs will probably go the distance as well. As things stand, FearX does seem to have a slight disadvantage when it comes to overall performance, but we still feel that the team should be able to keep apace with their opponents on Friday.


We have pretty much covered it all, but on balance, this is a series that will most likely go the distance. Neither team seems to have too much of a definitive advantage to justify backing either. We always want to find a reason to root for the underdog, but it just doesn’t seem to be the case here. If you are asking us, you should put your eggs in the Total Maps basket.

Pick: Total Maps Over 2.5 (1.93)

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