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Published: February 5, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • Freecs are headed for another win on Wednesday
  • DRX have had a disastrous season but are not fully out yet
  • The odds favor Freecs, but Total Maps 2.5 is quite possible

Freecs and DRX have almost no chances of securing any of the coveted top spots in the LCK Spring 2024, but this has not lessened their competitive zeal. Yet, the strain on the rosters is visible. Freecs have been to dance toe-to-toe with some of the more prominent teams in the group, whereas DRX had to bow out for the most part and now tally 1-5 in terms of overall series against their opponent’s 3-3 tally.

Freecs vs DRX Betting Odds

Kwangdong Freecs1.51
*Odds taken from Cloudbet

Where to Watch Dplus KIA vs Gen.G?

  • Watch: Twitch
  • Time: 12:30 PM
  • Place: Online

Kwangdong Freecs Betting Preview

The Freecs are given a decent chance to clinch the series on Wednesday, February 3, posted at 1.51, as the favorites. Yet, this is not just some oddsmaker wish-making, but rather based on fact. The team has actually had quite a few successful series, and even though they lost half, the overall standing in terms of games won versus game lost stands at 6-7.

They have indeed not been able to pull through some important matches, but overall their record shows that the team is well-poised to continue climbing up the pecking order even if the top spots remain elusive.

The Freecs also had a very good start of the season, having been able to defeat KT Rolster, but admittedly losing to HLE and T1 both in the opening salvo. Regardless, they have been mostly smooth sailing, bar a game against Gen.G that exposed a chronic weakness for not being able to contest certain teams. Luckily for them, DRX tends to be a team they are better prepared against.

DRX Betting Preview

DRX don’t have the worst odds of winning. After all, they did quite well against The Freecs last season, but much has changed ever since, and presently, DRX sit at the very bottom of the feeding order as of this season, however, which invites its own set of challenges and issues.

DRX has managed to secure a single game win against Kt Rolster in their most recent match but lost the series with 2-1 disadvantage in the final score. They lost outright to T1 with the games concluded quickly and within the 30-minute mark each.

All in all, the team has something that is holding it back. This could be lack of talent – but we don’t think that this is it as the team is actually well-established and they have won more than $1 million playing in the LCK in the space of six years, which is definitely not bad.

Yet, their most recent performance is worrisome. It’s because of this we cannot back the underdog on this one. However, there may be an option for you to bet on the game and feel confident about your wager still.


The future for DRX looks dire in the LCK, but they may still have some fighting power in them. They are not going to go 2-0 to Freecs we feel, and they may actually win at least one game. Beyond that, we think the oddsmakers have it right. Total maps is a great bet to take here at 2.95 odds, which can prove quite neat if you are looking to enjoy a 3-game series and turn a small profit as you do.

Pick: Pick Total Maps Over 2.5 (2.95)

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