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Published: January 29, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • Kt Rolster is set to end a losing streak that continues for two series now
  • BRION are unfortunately at the bottom of the pecking order now
  • Can BRION pry away a single victory from Kt?

Kt Rolster are coming out of their last LCK clash against T1 as losers, as they lost the Bo3 series, and will now have to play against BRION instead. The odds are clear and Kt Rolster, having lost to one of its biggest rivals, will now look to bolster morale by securing a smooth win over BRION. Unfortunately for BRION, they don’t seem to stand much chance in the upcoming match.

Kt Rolster vs BRION Betting Odds

Kt Rolster1.22

Where to Watch Dplus KIA vs Gen.G?

  • Watch: Twitch
  • Time: 12:30 pm
  • Place: Online

Kt Rolster Betting Preview

Kt Rolster have played a somewhat shaky set of series so far, and even though they actually started strong in the LCK, their past two showings against KDF and T1 are already worrisome. The odds pinpointed Kt Rolster as firm winners against KDF, they still lost. The surprise upset threw many in doubt that the team is headed for the championship title this year.

Perhaps it’s just a temporary lull, as we have seen top teams become a darkhorse throughout the series on more than one occasion. Yet, the second loss to T1 was indeed smarting, as dropping in a losing streak is generally bad for morale and the team has already been showing some signs of it.

Fighting off BRION Esports is not going to be too difficult as BRION is – at least for now – the weakest contender for LCK Spring 2024. Yet, this game will be a litmus test to Kt Rolster’s ability to defeat opponents with a firm hand on the rudder.

BRION Betting Preview

BRION are having a really hard time this season. They have only won a single game against DRX and they are unlikely to pick up the pace any time soon. So why bother betting in games that they are involved in?

Despite the poor results overall, the team has been working on improving its form. We do believe that there is a chance that they can actually pry away a map from Kt Rolster. Rolster are a little despondent right now, and they may yet slip in their opening game against BRION, but we expect that they will win.

What BRION could do though is secure a game that will expose more weaknesses in Kt’s game, but nothing that they cannot really handle well.


All in all, things aren’t looking up for BRION. Can they change this perception? We absolutely hope so, but the fact remains that pulling a feat such as this is extremely hard especially when faced with one of the top teams in the leagues who really know how to go toe-to-toe with the best rivals in the league.

Pick: Over 2.5 Maps (2.44)

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