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Published: February 22, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Team Vitality left the Winter Split after falling to SK Gaming
  • Kaiser thinks his team needs to work o basic things like communication
  • Despite that, he has a positive outlook for Vitality’s future

Team Vitality did not fare too well in the 2023 LEC Winter Split and the organization’s support player Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser talked about what he thinks went wrong and what o improve.

Kaiser Reflects on Loss Against SK Gaming

Team Vitality’s run at this year’s 2023 LEC Winter Split was disappointing, and that’s somewhat of an understatement. The team lost to SK Gaming in the group stage on February 19. Despite the loss, it’s important for the organization and its players to take stock of the situation and analyze what they need to improve. 

This is what Team Vitality’s support Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser is trying right now as well. In a recent interview for Em Dash Esports, the player outlined what issues the team suffered from during the Winter Split and later gave his opinion on what he thinks needs to be improved. 

First talking about Team Vitality’s most recent defeat at the hands of SK Gaming, the player said that his team started the game well, but didn’t manage to follow through, giving vital ground to their opponents. “We gave them the second Drake and the fourth Drake as well, which slowed the game down a lot,” Kaiser said. “We then flipped [Baron Nashor] at some point, which they stole, and that delayed the game even more. The game was already really hard because they outscaled us by a lot.”

The second match of Vitality’s bout against SK simply went wrong as a whole. “In general, we took a lot of bad fights,” the player said. “The enemy just had a numbers advantage and we didn’t respect it.”

What Needs to be Improved?

According to Kaiser, most of Team Vitality’s struggles lay in communication. “We also have to play more as a team,” the player said. “We don’t play that well together. We just have to fix that communication so we can get better for the next split.” He also admitted that Team Vitality struggles with some of the basics. “The basics are still lacking for us. Understanding team compositions in general, understanding the draft,” Kaiser said. 

For his personal performance on the botlane alongside ADC Neon, Kaiser said that both players are perhaps not comfortable in the meta. The support admits that both should have practiced more with the meta champions, but highlights that at least he and Neon are performing better on stage. “We are actually a good bot lane, I would say. Of course, we didn’t play well on stage. We had good games, but we also had some really rough games.” 

Despite Vitality dropping out of the Winter Split, Kaiser still sees improvement. But he also understands that the team will have to soon train a lot more. “The issues we have to fix are not just about the champions we play. It’s also about fixing the teamplay issues I mentioned. In the weeks when other teams are still playing, I think we can do a lot of good work. We can start fixing our team play issues and our communication issues.”Despite Vitality’s disastrous run at the event, Kaiser still shared a positive outlook on LEC 2023 a couple of weeks ago. He thinks the new format is interesting and is eager to help Team Vitality prove themselves.

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