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Published: February 15, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Dignityas has been struggling since the beginning of 2023
  • Jensen thinks there is not one singular reason for the team’s pad performance
  • He thinks that it will soon get better for Dignitas

Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen explains why Dignitas has been performing so badly in this year’s LCS after the team lost their sixth match in a row. 

Why Is Dignitas Like This Currently?

Despite Dignitas having a strong roster on paper, the team has not been performing as well as they and their fans would have hoped to. The squad’s performance in this year’s LCS Spring Split has been abysmal, with the team suffering six losses straight.

With such terrible results, many want to understand why Dignitas is performing so badly, and whom else better to ask for answers than the team’s midlaner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen. Following the team’s sixth loss, the Danish player was interviewed for his opinion by Travis Gafford. 

“It’s tough to be in this situation. It’s not what I had hoped for by any means,” Jensen said. Although Dignitas is in a tough situation, he still thinks it will get better. But amending things will not be easy as according to the player, there is not just one singular reason for Dignitas’ failures. “We are playing like shit,” Jensen said. “Every game there is a different reason, there are different things going wrong. We are just not playing up to the level that the other teams are.”

The player further explained that while Dignitas has been falling behind in almost every aspect of the game, every other team has been playing better both together and as individuals. “We have a hard time drafting. Even when we have a good draft, it is hard to play,” Jensen said. “I think we are the worst team right now honestly.”

There’s Light in the Tunnel

Although Dignitas is currently suffering from a 6-loss streak, the Danish player thinks their luck will change soon. As Kim “IgNar” Dong-geun is set to play next week as the team’s starting support player, Jensen believes things might change for the better for the team. 

Jensen thinks that the shift in meta towards tank supports with the upcoming Patch 13.4 will also play a crucial part in Dignitas’ revival. “The [current] meta is very focused on the early game and having the stronger bot lane,” the player said. “We are falling behind a lot in the early game, so the games are very tough. In this meta, it is very punishing.”

In the end, Jensen was keen to point out that Dignitas’ bad performance is not due to the support staff. He said the organization’s support is very kind and that he is happy with how things are going from the supportive side of Dignitas. “The problem is more on the players and individual performance,” Jensen said.

The player concluded that the future success of Dignitas depends on how quickly the team gets up to speed with IgNar.

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