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Published: November 21, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Rumors say Immortals want to acquire Edward “Tactical” Ra for the 2023 LoL season
  • The team barely managed to get into the Summer playoffs
  • Tactical did not manage to play much during this year

Following a disappointing run during this competitive League of Legends season, Immortals are looking to retool their roster, starting with TSM’s Edward “Tactical” Ra.

Immortals Want Tactical

Immortals did not fair all too well during the regular season of the LCS, finishing in the bottom half for multiple League of Legends splits. The organization will now use the long break between competitive LoL seasons to rethink its overall strategy and reform its roster ahead of the 2023 Spring Split.

According to rumors, Immortals are already looking toward Edward “Tactical” Ra for its starting lineup. Independent reporter Brieuc Seeger’s sources say that the 23-year-old marksman is supposedly in discussions to join Immortals following a disappointing year with TSM.

The experienced ADC’s time in TSM was, perhaps, not quite what he expected. This year, he played as part of an experimental roster featuring players from the LPL’s developmental league and veteran mid laner Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang. The organization hoped that a roster full of young prospects would see quick growth. Unfortunately, following several roster changes and behind-the-scenes problems, TSM finished the season as nothing more than a bottom-tier team in the LCS.

TSM eventually managed to sneak themselves into the Summer playoffs, but their celebrations did not last long. The team was knocked out of contention by Evil Geniuses, ending their year and sending the staff back to the drawing board.

Immortal’s current prospect was then replaced by TSM’s Academy AD carry Tony “Instinct” Ng. his change meant Tactical managed to play only a few games for the team. According to stats tracking platform Oracle’s Elixir, this means Tactical ended this competitive LoL season with a 19 1.7 KDA with 14 kills, 20 deaths, and 19 assists. He also holds 19.8% of his team’s total deaths.

Tactical’s statistics this season might not look glamorous, but considering he ended up in a team that had constant changes, it’s to be expected. Furthermore, the TSM barely even let the player compete in the first place, denying him the opportunity to show himself in a better light. 

Despite that, Immortals are desperate for a fresh start, and will probably go on with the deal to acquire Tactical. It’s currently unknown what the rest of Immortals’ squad will look like for the 2023 competitive LoL season.

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