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Published: March 14, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The patch will be released on March 22
  • It will feature yet another Yuumi rework
  • Riot will also add the new support champion Milio, the Gentle Flane

We are just a week away from League of Legends’ new patch and Riot has revealed a ton of nerfs to champions and mobs as well as a whole new batch of Faerie skins.

Upcoming Changes

We are well into League’s Season 13 and more patches are underway, with the game’s next big update releasing on March 22. Like always, the patch will bring a ton of buffs, nerfs, changes, and plenty of new skin to the game. Perhaps the biggest thing coming to League is a brand new champion – Milio, the Gentle Flame, who brings his fiery talents to the bot lane as the Rift’s newest support pick.

Speaking of champions, several of them will receive big reworks. These are Aurelion Sol and Yuumi, both of whom came out the gates too strong and Riot is responding accordingly. Yuumi in particular will receive yet another nerf, even though League fans have already deemed her previous rework a failure. The Mystical Cat will have her anti-burst powers and Q strength toned down. Veigar and Zeri will also receive nerfs in the upcoming Patch 13.6.

Speaking of nerfs, Riot plans to take a look at dragons. Matt “Riot Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead designer on the League balance team, revealed yesterday that Bloodthirster, Navori Quickblades, Lethal Tempo, and Legend: Bloodline will be subject to nerfs with the next patch.

Of course, nerfs are not the only things coming to the game with the patch. Several champions will receive positive changes namely Vayne, Galio, Talon, and Ashe. In the case of Ashe in particular, only her AD carry relevant abilities will be getting buffed once this next patch goes live.

Riot is also releasing a ton of new cosmetics with next week’s Patch 13.6, namely a new cluster of faeries, including one for the new champion Milio. The other champions that will receive a skin from the series include Ezrael, Fiora, Kalista, Karma, Katarina, Seraphine, and Shen. Katarina will get an additional Prestige Faerie Court skin that will cost 2 000 Faerie Court Tokens.

It seems Riot Games is keeping to its promise of delivering more content in a timely manner for this year. We don’t yet know what the rest of 2023 will deliver, but if the rest of the patches are just like 13.6, we will certainly have a busy year.

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