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Published: December 21, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Some have often before scored top in the negative ranking
  • Participants include champs released this year
  • The majority of bans seem to be gathered during the summer split

At the end of the year, it’s time we take a look at an unglamorous ranking of League of Legends champions.

Time to Take Stock

Banning champions is a key component of the gameplay of League of Legends. Sometimes team’s whole strategies revolve around denying the opposition the use of a specific champion. Other times, players feel certain champs are overpowered and ban them in order to avoid having an unfair fight. 

The 2022 competitive season was not much different in that regard, except for the fact it broke records. The World Championship was the best spectacle in the history of the game and it was one of the most diverse years on record for champion picks too. However, the season marked another more negative record – that of the most banned champions. Here are the most banned champions during the 2022 competitive League season, according to


Standing in fifth place, one may be surprised as to why the most ban-requested champion doesn’t sit higher on the list. This might be because the champion was heavily banned during the summer split as she was among the top 10 most banned champions in the summer. Perhaps as time went on, players learned how to deal with her and she became less banned during the latter half of the year. Despite that, Yuumi gathered almost 1750 bans globally in competitive events in 2022.


Proceeding up the list is another champion that was heavily banned during the summer split. That, in combination with the fact that Lucian was good nearly all year long, gained him the dishonor of becoming the third most banned champion during 2022. With almost 1800 bans in competitive events during the year, the champion certainly made a negative impact on professional players. 


With nearly 1 900 bans globally, Kalista stands further up the inglorious listing. Her dominance at the 2022 summer split cemented her place as one of the most banned champions of this year. One could arguably say that there was no champion banned more in the back half of 2022 than Kalisa.


Scoring a total of 1 951 bans, Zeri is just ahead of Kalista in the ranking. Arriving in early 2022, the champion came just in time to make an impact on the competitive community. The majority of the split proved Zeri was dominant in her bottom lane when it came to one vs one, which prompted her to receive a ton of bans in the spring and summer splits. 


And finally, the crown of the most banned champion of this year goes to Gwen. Although the champion did not receive many bans on either the spring or summer split, she still marked consistently high on the bans lists all year round. This consistency ultimately netted her more than 2 800 bans throughout the competitive year.

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