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Published: August 31, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The weekend featured many finals of the major region playoff series
  • More than half of them required five games to decide the winner
  • The Chinese league is the only one left to produce a winner this Thursday

This weekend saw a multitude of very close games as the climax events of League’s many regional playoff finals.

An Exciting Weekend for LoL Fans

League of Legends fans have been recently treated to a multitude of amazing and very close games. It’s that time of the competitive year when many regions are having their playoffs. A total of 11 best-of-five matches were played to determine the winners of each region and more than half of them needed the entire five rounds to determine the winners.

The only region that did not have such an intense battle on its culmination was the LCK, which saw Gen.G obliterate T1 in an astonishing 3-0 game. However, LoL fans would be glad to know that every other region featured at least one extremely intense match during its finals.

The LEC’s final playoffs match featured one very close game between Fnatic and Exel. Both teams played for survival in the lower bracket with Exel taking the early advantage. The team dominated Fnatic, winning the first two rounds but by game three Fnatic had gotten their act together. They pushed through the bot lane, forcing Exel to play a final fifth round. Thanks to in large part Upset’s Lucian, Fnatic defeated Exel and kicked them off the LEC.

As the two teams duked it out in Europe, North America also saw a titanic struggle, this time between 100 Thieves and Team Liquid. This time, however, 100 Thieves narrowly avoided a reverse sweep. Although 100T eventually won and qualified for the 2022 World Championship, they didn’t have it easy against Team Liquid. The team started the match, playing methodically. This got them the first two rounds.

However, by round three, Team Liquid had gotten their act together and responded accordingly to all of 100T’s attacks, forcing them to play a grueling round five. With the Worlds slow hanging in the balance, TL admirably withstood 100T’s attacks and launched counterattacks. However, by the midgame, the team had run out of steam, leading to the collapse of their front and 100 Thieves’ victory.

Only the LPL remains to produce a winner. The Chinese league has the most complicated format of all, featuring converging upper and lower brackets with both single and double elimination. It will reach its climax on Thursday, September 1. The winners will join the victors from the other leagues at the 2022 League World Championship, which is set to begin on September 29.

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