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Published: August 29, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The team is going to the World Championship after winning the 2022 LCK Summer Playoffs
  • The match started with some technical difficulties
  • Gen.G took early control of the match and kept it throughout the whole encounter

The 2022 LCK Summer Playoffs culminated with Gen.G’s outstanding 3-0 victory over their rivals T1.

Gen.G Dominates T1

League of Legends fans were treated to an astonishing game this weekend which saw Gen.G emerge victorious from their battle with T1. The latter was thought by fans to be an almost unstoppable team just a few months ago, but that all changed when Gen.G swept them away during the strikingly one-sided match that ended with a 3-0 score.

Despite the astonishing defeat, T1 will go to the worlds alongside Gen.G. Following T1’s close victory over DWG KIA, the team accumulated enough points to qualify for the biggest LoL event of the year.

How the Match Went

Despite this being such a big and important match, it started with an unexpected network error, prompting the need to delay the event by an hour. The broadcast team ran an older episode of “The POG State” podcast, and replay various vignettes hyping up the series.

The game finally started with both teams playing it slowly and carefully. However, the differences in the strategies of the teams quickly became apparent as Gen.G had accumulated a lot more gold through epic objectives. This lead led to them controlling the teamfights ending with a quadra kill for Ruler’s Zeri to close off the round.

Having boosted their confidence with the first-round victory, Gen.G quickly set the tempo for the second one. Relying on a heavy roaming composition, Gen.G gained quick control of the map. Lehends’s rather unorthodox pick of Singed allowed him to roam the map, being a nuisance for T1’s midlaner.

By the 20th minute, T1 had not acquired even a single kill or objective. The difference with Gen.G grew and just a few minutes later Gen.G acquired an Infernal Soul, facilitating their aggressive play in the midgame. T1 responded quickly by getting the first blood and feeding Oner with some gold. However, this was not enough to turn the tide as Gen.G had already accumulated a lot of gold.

The final blow was struck by Ruler and Lehends with their dreaded Zeri/Yuumi combo. Both players outflanked T1 repeatedly, allowing Ruler’s fast ADC to catch up to any T1 member trying to get away.

Perhaps Gen.G’s victory should come to no one’s surprise as most of their players dominate Riot’s All-LCK Team Lists. The team will now play at the Worlds in Mexico City, which starts on September 29. The victory over T1 also marks Doran, Chovy, Ruler, and Lehends’ first-ever LCK Playoffs trophy.

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