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Published: August 18, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Four players have been chosen for the All-LCK top team
  • Another Gen.G player heads the second team in Riot’s listings
  • The second and third teams include many SANDBOX, KT, and T1 players

Riot Games has released the All-LCK team lists and a certain Korean team by the name of Gen.G dominated the rankings.

Riot Reveals Its All-LCK Top Team

The 2022 LCK Summer Split recently ended and it gave fans thrills and good games. The Korean team Gen.G dominated throughout the event and became only the third team to win 17 games or more in one LCK split. Due to their amazing performance, one should not be surprised to see the team’s players be selected for the All-LCK First Team.

Four members from Gen.G were selected. These are mid-laner Chovi, jungler Peanut, Ruler for AD carry, and Lehends for support. The selection is rounded out by top-laner Zeus from T1.

The Data Shows It All

One just has to see the players’ stats to see why they were chosen. For example, having the best KDA and the least average deaths in the regular season, Peanut was the best Jungler in this year’s Summer Split. His teammate Chovy has the best stats in almost every parameter when compared to other mid-laners in the year’s LCK Summer Split.

Meanwhile, the AD carry and support duo of Ruler and Lehends is also to be expected, as both had great control of their bottom lane. In almost every match, the two managed to outshine their opponents, proving to be of crucial value when Gen.G was in a pinch.

The All-LCK top team is rounded up by T1’s Zeus, who has the highest average kills out of all the top laners. Much like the Ruler and Lehends combo, Zeus also found himself carrying his team whenever the situation got too intense.

Who Are the Runners-Up?

Zeus may have displaced Gen.G’s top-laner Doran, but the latter still makes it to the All-LCK Second Team. He is joined by Zeus’ teammates Oner, Faker, and Keria, who have been selected for the jungle, mid lane, and support roles respectively. The team is rounded off by Liiv SANDBOX’s Prince as an AD carry.

The All-LCK Third Team is made up of more SANDBOX players, joined by ones from KT. SANDBOX’s Croco, Clozer, and Kael were chosen as jungler, mid-laner, and support respectively. Meanwhile, KT’s Rascal and Aiming are the team’s top lane and AD carry. Both of these teams punched well above their weight, their players earning their spots on Riot’s All-LCK team lists.

It’s a badge of honor to be selected for the All-LCK team lists as it shows that these players have performed brilliantly during the LCK Summer Split. With the LCK Summer Playoffs starting on August 17, these players will have to once again help their teams achieve new heights.

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