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Published: April 6, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Caps has scored his 1,500th kill in G2’s latest match against Misfits
  • The player is widely-recognized as one of the best League of Legends midlaners
  • G2 Esports is looking forward to once again becoming Europe’s top team

Caps has scored his 1,500th kill and 2,000th assist during G2 Esports’ latest game against Misfits Gaming.

Caps Reached 1,500 Kills

G2 Esports’ League of Legends team can definitely brag for fielding Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther. The Danish athlete, acclaimed as one of the best mid-lane players in competitive LoL, has scored his 1,500th takedown in the League of Legends European Championship – a milestone that few of his competitors can hope to reach.  

G2 shared the news on its official Twitter page and lauded Caps for his skills.

The 22-years-old athlete reached this crucial milestone during his team’s recent match against Misfits Gaming. The game saw Caps take down 13 enemies and assist his teammates 23 times. The clash ended with a landslide victory for G2, whose players obliterated the Misfits for a 3:0 result.

The game not only saw Caps make his 1,500th takedown but he also reached the milestone of 2,000 assists in professional League of Legends. His success is also attributed to his adaptability and proficiency with multiple characters. In the match against Misfits, Caps used LeBlanc, Lissandra and Cassiopeia.

A Career of Victories

Caps’ time in competitive LoL has seen him perform impressive feats for several years now. The athlete won his first LEC Championship in 2018 when he was still younger than many of his opponents. Back then, Caps used to play for Fnatic and even managed to reach the finals of World 2018.

Seeing the player’s success, G2 Esports wasted no time and quickly took him under its wing. Since 2019, Caps has played under G2’s banner, leading the team to numerous victories. The organization managed to win four LEC championships in a row and was widely acknowledged as the best one in European LoL esports.

G2 started losing steam in 2021 when it failed to land a victory in the tournaments it took part in. Because of its shortcomings, the organization opted to rebuild its team for the current season. Right now, Caps and Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski are the only players that remain from the previous lineup.

Seeing G2’s success against Misfits sparks a hope that the team will once again return as one of the leading organizations in Europe.

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