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Published: February 27, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • G2 absolutely dominated their opponents in the LEC Winter Split finals
  • The team also locks in the first spot for the 2023 London MSI
  • G2 showed amazing consistency in performance throughout the whole split

Not losing a single game against MAD Lions in the LEC Winter Split finals, G2 Esports lift the trophy above their heads. 

G2 Defeat MAD Lions

MAD Lions were crushed in the final series of the LEC Winter Split by G2 Esports, who won the European tournament for the tenth time. The team won the first-ever LEC Shield and they have also locked in the first spot for the 2023 MSI, being played in London this May. 

This latest match marks revenge for G2, who were threshed by MAD Lions in 2021. However, G2 reclaimed its honor this year with a proactive style, unorthodox draft picks, and great teamwork. It was the team’s third LEC final in a row and it dominated its opponents for the first two games. Thanks to Yike’s ganks and Mikyx’s continuous roams, G2 had control of the Rift, leaving their opponents to walk blindly in their own jungle.

G2 took the initiative already in the first game, which was a preview of what was about to come later. The champions continued the pressure in game two when their opponents initiated various advantageous skirmishes. However, this was not enough as G2 was simply too coordinated for the Lions to break their defense. 

Now, with G2 leading 2-0, the next game could have been the deciding one. Knowing this, MAD Lions fought the hardest, once again taking the early lead thanks to Elyoya’s ganks that brought many advantages to his team. It was looking like the Lions would turn the whole match as they punished G2’s every mistake. 

But G2 had enough and with a single decisive fight in the top lane, the team turned the tables and started closing the gap. The champions only increased the heat, shutting down the Lions’ every advance. Not long after the turnaround, G2 had won the game and the match 3-0, marking the team’s tenth title in the region and securing a place in the 2023 MSI. 

Some Interesting Stats about G2’s Performance

This latest match marked the culmination of the team’s amazing performance during the whole Winter Split. G2’s general manager Romain Bigeard showed how dominant the team was during the past few weeks, revealing some amazing scirm stats. 

During the split, G2 completed 255 games with a 76% win rate, matching their onstage win rate. The champions played for an average of 22 minutes per match, showing just how fast they shut down their opponents. 

Despite coming into the LEC Winter Split after building up a new roster, G2 Esports showed outstanding consistency. They gathered a ton of new followers who now wonder how the team will perform on the global stage.

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