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Published: July 22, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • In a dev blog, Riot Games revealed their goals for Wild Rift
  • The company is looking to establish a strong esports ecosystem for its mobile title
  • The developers believe this goal isn’t easy, but their strong vision will carry them through 

Leo Faria, Wild Rift’s head of esports, shared details about the company’s vision of making Wild Rift esports a global success. 

Expanding Wild Rift Esports

Game development company Riot Games announced its intentions on doubling down mobile gaming efforts, namely with League of Legends’ mobile version Wild Rift. The game’s head of esports, Leo Faria, revealed where the company is planning to take it in a blog

Faria revealed that League of Legends’ popularity doesn’t automatically translate to Wild Rift, and instead, the company has to invest significant time and effort into replicating the same level of competitive success. The head of esports disclosed that to do that, Riot Games strife for inspiring players by making the esports scene look “approachable.” Faria is firm that players should believe that they could as well become professional players like the esports athletes they love.  

This model, however, may not instantly work with a mobile title, which is why Riot will be looking to create a whole new esports ecosystem for Wild Rift that isn’t dependant on LoL. 

Faria emphasized the importance of making League of Legends esports and Wild Rift esports two fully different leagues that aren’t confused with one another. It is a goal of utmost importance to make Wild Rift esports feel just as prestigious and not merely a shadow of LoL esports. 

Becoming a Worldwide Powerhouse

According to the release, Riot’s current aim is to cement Wild Rift not merely as a mobile esports but as THE mobile esports. The company will continue to be promoting the game’s competitive scene globally just as it has done in the last months since its release. 

The game will be increasing its marketing in the Asian regions where mobile gaming is the thing, but tournaments and events will be hosted in regions where mobile esports are less popular as well. 

In order to support this energetic expansion, Wild Rift will need stability, according to Faria. He said that Riot has learned from its years of experience that trust between the league and the professional organizations is crucial – players need to know the league will have regular events and will be sustainable in the long run. Unless they know that, they cannot fully commit.

 Faria teased that the company will be making future improvements to the game, so it’s more comfortable to watch esports on the phone. The head of esports commented that establishing a strong esports ecosystem will be arduous, but since the company has a clear vision, it will be well worth it. 

It would seem that despite taking the world by storm, Wild Rift esports still has some things to polish. However, it is certain that Riot’s experienced visionaries will give it their all to make the game a staple on the mobile esports market. 

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