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Published: January 11, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • FunPlus Phoenix has managed to defeat Royal Never Give Up, just like Esports Grizzly predicted
  • Both teams had a chance to shine, but in the end, FPX’s map control got them the victory
  • FPX and RNG will next face LGD Gaming and JD Gaming respectively

As Esports Grizzly forecasted, FunPlus Phoenix has managed to defeat Royal Never Give Up after three eventful rounds.

The First LPL Games Seem Promising

After a short break since the spectacular end of the 2021 League of Legends competitive season, a new season has begun. The Legends Pro League in China has just started and it’s already surprising the community with some exciting developments.

The first few matches went on just as Esports Grizzly had predicted, with OMG decimating ThunderTalk Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix defeating Royal Never Give Up.

 The game between the FunPlus and Royal Never Give Up was a pleasure to watch as both teams were on fairly equal grounds, providing for an exciting show. Still, FunPlus ended up winning with a 2:1 result.

Both FPX and RNG Had Their Spotlight Moments

Here is how the game went:

RNG opened the game with a strong advantage, showing that its players aren’t there to joke around. Yet, despite their awesome start, RNG slowly lost its steam.

FPX took advantage of their opponent’s failing momentum, regrouped, and struck back. Even in moments where it looked like RNG have a complete advantage, FPX managed to get drakes and Barons and turn the tables.

During the second game, one exciting Baron steal stuck out as it not only helped FPX gain a momentary edge but also added to FPX’s gold pile thanks to a bounty. A second bounty followed right after as FPX destroyed one of their adversaries’ towers. The two bounties earned FPX almost 1000 gold and got FPX close to overturning the game.

Time and time again, RNG’s players proved to be good gankers and team fighters but a supreme map control on FPX’s side throughout all of the games earned it the victory. However, this isn’t to say that FPX didn’t have good battles. On the contrary, Lwx managed to show off a remarkable Jinx bottom lane gameplay, especially in the first game where he was singlehandedly responsible for almost half of the damage dealt and had over 83% kill participation.

The teams will return back to competing in three days. FPX will continue moving forward in the ranks and will next face LGD Gaming. RNG, on the other hand, will have to play against JD Gaming which was just defeated by EDward Gaming, last year’s Worlds champions.

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