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Published: August 20, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology remains a leader in competitive gaming in the United States
  • The university has introduced a high-skilled Filipino LoL player to its roster and allocated a scholarship for his training
  • Harrisburg is an example that college esports can prosper and develop as quickly as professional competitive gaming

Esports is a global phenomenon and nothing attests to that quite like the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology granting a scholarship to a talented Filipino LoL player.

Harrisburg Brings Maykel in for LoL Team

For Michael James “Maykel” Gonzales, a Filipino aspiring esports professional, things are about to change. Maykel’s skills in League of Legends have landed him a spot with the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology team in Pennsylvania. One of the first universities to launch an esports program, Harrisburg is a fitting home for talented players.

Now, he will be able to compete for the university with a brand new scholarship provided by the university. Stepping in, he will be assigned to bot lane. Maykel’s success is not a chance occurrence either. He has been around MOBA games for a while, and he originally competed in Dota, but then decided to switch to League of Legends because his peers started playing Riot Games’ title instead.

As part of the League of Legends community, he played for Teletigers Esports at the University of Santo Tomas. He has competed on the highest level of the game, participating in major events such as the International Esports Festival (IEF) and he has subbed for Team Liquid.

In accepting the scholarship, Maykel paid his thanks to old teammates, and specifically those from Teletigers Esports, the club which helped him shape his career as a professional esports player. Maykel’s example is a strong motivator for other aspiring gamers in the region and beyond.

Harrisburg University has been one of the most committed when it comes to competitive video gaming and openly embracing the esports culture as something positive. The university’s team was featured in a documentary last year and Harrisburg continues to set the standards high for competitive video gaming in the United States and beyond.  

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