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Published: October 28, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • FC Barcelona has bought a slot for a League of Legends team in the Spanish Superliga
  • Barcelona’s LoL team will compete with the team of its own member, Gerard Piqué
  • Its roster isn’t announced yet but the team has reportedly secured a coach

FC Barcelona continues expanding on the esports scene by winning the bid for a slot in the Spanish Superliga League of Legends league.

Barcelona Secures a Slot in the Superliga

The famous Spanish football club Barcelona will be expanding on esports grounds with a League of Legends team in the Spanish Superliga. The club has purchased a slot from S2V Esports in a bid against its competitor Sevilla FC and the esports organization Case eSports.

FC Barcelona isn’t a complete stranger to esports but this is definitely a large step in this direction. The football club has had teams competing in eFootball by KONAMI. It also has had its own Rocket League and Hearthstone players, although it hasn’t seen any results that can be deemed impressive.

League of Legends is a different story. The game is one of the most popular titles in the world and has one of the biggest esports scenes and opportunities among all other competitive games. Therefore, exploring this market may be very beneficial to Barcelona’s brand.

The football club has previously led talks with Tencent for fielding a League of Legends team in China but this is yet to become a reality. The local Superliga, however, is a much easier target for FC Barcelona.

The Team Will Compete with Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos’ Own Squad

FC Barcelona’s move to join League of Legends esports might have been sparked by the recent decision of the Barcelona center-back player Gerard Piqué and the streamer Ibai Llanos to assemble their own Superliga team. The two celebrities, whose League of Legends team will go live in 2022, have bought the slot from Astralis SB.

This is resulting in a quite unusual situation as FC Barcelona’s League of Legends team will be a major competitor to the team of one of its own football players.

Speaking about the Superliga team itself, there is still barely any news about its players. According to the Spanish news outlet 2Playbook, the team has assigned a coach but hasn’t released any other news about its roster.

There is also still very little information about Llanos and Piqué’s team which hasn’t even been officially named yet.

Fans of Spanish esports can expect more news in the near future. In any case, it is definitely interesting to see more and more professional sports organizations and celebrities show interest in esports.

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