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Published: October 10, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Many players think Corki needs urgent buffs or a rework
  • He is currently the second-to-last under-picked champion
  • Riot has not yet officially announced any plans for Corki

According to many League of Legends fans, Corki needs to be reworked and reverted back to his ADC role in order to make him more popular in the meta.

Corki Is Severely Under-picked

With a total of 165 unique champions, League of Legends has amassed a very large roster of characters over the years, catering to the play style and preference of every type of player. However, managing this large number of champions is not easy, and balancing them is a constant struggle for Riot. Those champions who are weaker, or are at least seen as such by the player base, get picked less and less, sometimes eventually even falling to the bottom, of the pick order.

Such is the case for Corki, the Daring Bomber, who sports an abysmal 1.04% pick rate, according to LoL stats tracking website OP.GG. Only Skarner has a lower pick rate than him, but at least Riot Games already has plans to rework the purple scorpion. However, there has been no such news regarding Corki, leading many LoL fans to wonder if the Bomber will even be fixed.

Fans Suggest Solutions

“Corkis Package is one of the most clueless additions Riot ever did. Not only will such a strong ganking tool make him completely centered around pro play only, but it also completely removes him from his only role, ADC, because you need the roaming tool to be at mid where you can actually roam,” one comment in the Reddit post discussing the matter reads, the player explaining the reason why Corki is very underpicked.

The commenter continues on to explain that the champions used to be quite popular in previous years, but all the changes that Riot did to him made him have a very specific role which most fans simply don’t find enjoyable to play. That being said, they also gave an example of how Corki can be fixed: “Remove the entire package completely and put more power into his autoattacks in some form, and make sure his level scalings aren’t overkill.”

This desire to revert Corki back to a bot laner ADC seems to be present in many of the comments under the Reddit post. “I would just like some Corki changes not focused around his R being a mega nuke making everyone go poke,” another commenter wrote, further explaining that the champion should be a spell-weaving ADC instead, dishing out more constant damage.

League of Legends’ pre-season is starting next month, which will be a great opportunity for Riot Games to listen to fans’ concerns and do something about Corki. However, at the time of writing this article, no news regarding a buff or rework for the Daring Bomber has been officially announced by the company.  

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