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Published: January 13, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Jax’s much-anticipated mid-scope update has finally arrived
  • It appears that it is not what fans had expected it to be
  • The new Jax suffers from many issues that were summarized in a popular Reddit post

League of Legends fans blast Jax’s mid-scope update because of the many visual glitches the champion now has.

Jax’s Update Arrived

Having been released way back in February 2009, Jax is certainly one of the oldest champions of League of Legends. With so many changes happening after his release, the Grandmaster at arms desperately needed a rework to bring him up to date with other champions. The long wait has finally come to an end with the arrival of League’s Patch 13.1, as it launched Jax’s long-promised mid-scope update.

However, it seems that players are not satisfied with the changes the champion has received. When Jax’s mid-scope update was announced in early December last year, the community seemed hyped to finally get a much-needed change. But as the champion’s rework finally came with Patch 13.1 on January 11, the League community quickly came to the conclusion that Riot’s efforts completely butchered the champion.

A great deal of the fan base’s problems with Jax’s update is the number of visual glitches from which the champion now suffers. A Reddit user by the name of Pe4enkas made a lengthy post describing the VFX issues

New Jax Suffers from Many Issues

A chief complaint of the original poster revolves around Jax’s ultimate and in particular the slow animations of the character. According to him, new animations and the third hit of passive are too slow, especially when compared to the original Jax. The OP also noted that the sound effects for Jax’s R are also very weak and lack impact. “It has no impact, you can barely feel if you really hit your R or missed,” the OP wrote. 

Jax’s shield is also “gone”. The old Jax’s shield flashed when he received damage and the color of the flash was based on the type of damage that he received – physical or magic. This has now been replaced with a simple aura that looks like the aura in other skins, “making it look super cheap for a LEGENDARY”. Not to mention that the old Jax’s different colored flash when receiving damage based on its type was a good visual indicator for players to help them see what they’re up against.

The original poster accused Riot of not making any adjustments to Jax during PBE testing. He said the company did not respond to feedback which ultimately led to Riot leaving Jax in a worse state than before his mid-scope update. Scrolling through the post’s comments, it seems that the vast majority of fans seem to agree with this. 

Time will tell if Riot Games listens to the criticism of the fans.

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