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Published: September 29, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The T1 star midlaner has been once again playing a lot of solo in the Korean server
  • He used to be a menace in his early years but stayed away from the solo queue for some years
  • Now, he is once more proving he’s one of the best League players out there

In preparation for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship, Faker has been training hard in the solo queue and has been quickly climbing the charts.

Faker Is Once Again Climbing Sharts

When one thinks of popular League of Legends players, T1’s Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok quickly comes to mind. The 27-year-old Korean player first came into prominence way back in 2013 when he first joined T1 (then called SK Telecom T1) and has since been playing as the team’s mid-laner. During his decade-long career, the player scored many great victories as part of T1’s roster and his popularity has only continued to grow.

Part of the growth can be attributed to his early days as a menace in the solo queue. Then, Faker played under the name of “Barcode Killer” and often times reached the top spots in the Korean server. However, in recent years, he hasn’t been playing solo as much as he did in the past. This is largely because Faker was constantly getting griefed in his solo queue matches due to people betting on the outcome of his games.

However, thanks to big changes to who has access to the Korean solo queue, the player seems to have not only returned to playing but is also quickly climbing up the ladder. The fact that the LoL World Championship 2023 is coming fast may also play a big part, as Faker needs all the practice he can get before the start of the event.

At the time of writing, the player, who recently extended his contract with T1 for three more years, is scoring over 1200 LP and is sitting in the 40th place in the Korean servers. He mainly plays Tristana and LeBlanc, dominating his opponents on the mid lane. The choice of champions could say something about whom he plays at Worlds 2023, but that’s to be revealed in the future.

Over the years, Faker has proven to be one of the most capable esports players out there and has recently been making headlines as one of the most popular athletes at the Asian Games. It’s no wonder that he will likely be the only player remaining on his organization’s roster after T1 restructures the team after Worlds 2023.

Faker still has quite a road ahead of himself if he wants to top the Korean charts, but no matter what happens in this season or the World Championship, we will be seeing the player in the top echelon of competitive LoL for years to come.

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