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Published: January 31, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Evil Geniuses dominate Cloud9 with a 3-0
  • They go onto the finals
  • Rookie Danny performs really well

Evil Geniuses continue their undefeated run in the League Championship Series by defeating Cloud9.

A Victory for EG

The League Championship Series is in full swing and teams are duking it out on the Summoner’s Rift. Many have fallen behind, but Evil Geniuses have soared above the rest and have reaffirmed their position on top after their most recent victory over Cloud9 in the Lock-In semifinals with a perfect 3-0. This means EG will go onto the finals on Sunday, where they’ll play the defending champions, Team Liquid, with whom EG already clashed earlier this season. Furthermore, Evil Geniuses keep their perfect undefeated status in these Series.

The first game between the two giants was characterized by the race between EG top laner Impact and C9 jungler Blaber after both players got ahead in the early game. Throughout the game EG held a slight advantage over C9 in tempo, slaying the first three dragons of the game, granting them an edge of 4000 gold over C9.

At the 26-minute mark, Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 clashed at the Baron, which resulted in three losses for the latter and a killed Baron for the former. The difference in gold continued to grow and that eventually tipped the scales enough for EG to claim victory. They pushed into C9’s base, killing the entire team, with the second game playing out similarly.

Speaking of it, Blaber was once again in the spotlight, immediately getting the first blood, killing EG’s mid laner Jojopyun, and found three kills again on Jarvan within the first 15 minutes. Blaber played a crucial part for his team until, again around the 26th minute, Evil Geniuses picked him off, killed the Baron again, and then finished off the rest of Cloud9.

Despite being led 2-0, Cloud9 did not lose confidence. Their top laner Darshan performed well, killing the EG top laner Impact at the 7-minute mark. Cloud9 continued their impressive game, scoring five kills to EG’s one. However, that advantage vanished with an initial pick onto Jojopyun that turned into EG’s avenue back in the game when they killed three from C9.

After that EG gained control over the mid lane, pushing their minions closer to C9’s base. This led to an unsuccessful engagement by C9. With a very quick four kills scored by Evil Geniuses, they triumphed over Cloud9, continued their dominant run in the LCS Lock-In Tournament.

Evil Geniuses’ victories so far this season could be attributed to talented rookie Danny, top laner Impact, as well as their newly appointed head coach.

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