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Published: October 14, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • EDward Gaming dominates C9 in their latest match at the Worlds 2022
  • The team had a 10K gold advantage over C9 by the 19th minute
  • C9 suffered subsequent defeats from Fnatic, T1, and EDG during the tournament

The LCS champions Cloud9 did not manage to maintain their reputation during the LoL Worlds 2022.

Cloud9 Is Out

North America hasn’t been performing all too well at the League of Legends World Championship in Mexico City and Cloud9’s most recent loss is proof of that. The team got knocked out of the competition by EDward Gaming. With a record of 1-4, C9 needs at least three more wins to force a tiebreaker, but the team can get, at most, just two. 

Cloud9’s run was not a total disaster, however. This last week was historically bad but the team showed signs of life in their first match against Fnatic. Confirming their reputation as the LCS champions, C0’s players dominated Fnatic throughout the whole match. This marked NA its first win at Worlds 2022, giving hope to fans that C9 would once again pull off a miracle Week 2 run to qualify for knockouts.

However, Cloud9 did not manage to ride on that wave when they faced EDward Gaming. Last year’s Worlds champion managed to take the initiative against C9 from the very start of the match and dictated the tempo throughout the encounter. Using oppressive macroplays, EDG choked the life out of C9. With a 10K gold lead by the 19th minute, it was clear that EDG would win, and the game did not last much longer than that. 

Huge Hopes Lay On Cloud9’s Shoulders

Being the LCS champions, everyone expected better from Cloud9 going into the World Championship. The team tore through all North American competition, pretty much dominating every opponent. They defeated Evil Geniuses 3-1 and then 100 Thieves twice with a 3-1 win in the upper bracket. Cloud9 faced 100 Thieves once again at the LCS finals and absolutely dominated them with a final score of 3-0 and C9’s Berserker nearly setting a KDA record for any LCS final. 

However, C9 could not maintain that momentum during the first week of the Worlds. The team opened up their Worlds 2022 campaign with a loss to the League European Championship Series third-seed Fnatic. This was followed by losses to T1 and EDward Gaming. 

Cloud9 was the best-performing international team for North America and with them gone, fans will have to put their hopes in the remaining NA teams.

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