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Published: January 9, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The Korean organization announced it will be changing its name once again
  • It will now be called Dplus KIA, retaining the D in homage to its former achievements
  • The majority of fans don’t seem to like the org’s new identity

The League of Legends World Championship 2022 winners are once again rebranding much to the dismay of many fans.

DWG KIA Is Now Dplus KIA

At the end of the day, esports organizations are businesses and as it sometimes happens with more mundane businesses, esports brands also change their names due to a variety of reasons. DWG KIA is the latest big esports organization to announce it is rebranding. The Korean organization is without a doubt one of the biggest thanks to its involvement into games like VALORANT, Rainbox Six Siege, and League of Legends, and this is not going to be its first rebranding.

DWG KIA revealed on January 9 that the company is changing its name from DWG KIA to Dplus KIA. “We’re excited to create a new chapter in this organization’s storied history with this phenomenal team and the bold projects we have in store for this year that will bring a new wave of fans to the Dplus KIA family,” said Joon young Lee, Vice Chairman/COO of Dplus KIA in a press release.

Despite changing its name, again, the Korean organization is keen to point out that it will still pay homage to its previous accomplishments. To pay respects to the fact DWG KIA has won the LCK title three times as well as becoming World Champions in 2022, the company is keeping the letter D in its name. The plus part is here to represent “limitless connectivity and expansive potential for a bright future,” according to the organization.

How Did Fans React?

Despite the now-named Dplus KIA hoping fans would be excited about the rebranding, it seems the wider League esports fanbase isn’t as excited as the organization hoped. Many fans took to social media to mock Dplus, saying this is yet another rebrand for the org (after the one in January last year) that’s yet another failure. 

The Reddit thread announcing the name change was particularly filled with negative comments. “This is esports terrorism,” reads the top comment at the time of writing this article. “Their name is just getting worse and worse,” reads another top-voted comment. Other redditors threw shade at Dplus’ new logo.

Many fans think that DAMWON Gaming, the original name of the org, was much more recognizable and distinctive from other orgs. Twitter fans have not been kinder to Dplus’ decision to rebrand. Many say the name change is pointless while underlining how taking away the symbolic mint color is also a big hit for the organization.

Overall, Dplus’ rebranding doesn’t seem to have gone well and only time will tell if this would hurt the organization retaining a strong identity.

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