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Published: April 23, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • League of Legends European Championship to suspend prerequisite for team academies following an owners’ vote
  • According to Dot Esports the vote passed with a 9-1 majority, with the sole team to object being Rogue
  • Academies will not disappear, says Dot Esports, as they are a requirement for the European Regional League

LEC owners vote to gain more freedom in deciding whether their organizations’ need an academy. Changes are expected to come in 2022 reports Dot Esports.

LEC Owners Reportedly Vote Against Mandatory Academies

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) may be opting out of a Riot Games’ rule whereby all participating teams must have an academy, serving as training grounds for new talent, sources close to Dot Esports have revealed.

Owners reportedly had a meeting last week with nine voting against the rule and the sole team voting to retain the academies as they are being Rogue. LEC has been pushing for lifting the rule for a while now, but next season will be the first when this could happen if the information is correct.

While teams will be financially freer as they would no longer have to allocate resources in ventures they may not entirely want to keep, this doesn’t mean academies will disappear. Rather, they will end up being the individual choice of each team.

Evidently, Rogue has no intention of discontinuing support for promising players. Another stopping point would be the European Regional League (ERL) which still mandates that participating teams maintain an academy.

The academy format will also be changed as there will be only two LEC academy teams for each regional league, consolidating the rookie training grounds a little.

Dot Esports reported that further details about which team would keep their academies should be forthcoming. All changes regarding academies should be enacted in January 2022.

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