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Published: December 15, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Dignitas had signed LPL player Zero as their new coach last week
  • However, he is now back in his former team Ninjas in Pyjamas as a substitute support
  • Neither organization has talked about how this moving around happened

Zero was listed on Dignitas’ Global Contract Database, but NiP announced him as a part of their roster yesterday, causing a lot of confusion.

Zero Returns to NiP

With the end of the year approaching, a lot of teams have already completed their lineups for the upcoming competitive season. Organizations hope that their new lineups of players and coaches will be able to find the synergy to work together and perform well in future tournaments.

Dignitas is one of these teams, as the organization recently had its LoL lineup revamped by bringing aboard two import players Lee “Rich” Jae-won and Kim “Dove” Jae-yeon. The pair competed in the LPL last year after starting their professional careers in the LCK.

Along with the two South Koreans, Dignitas also acquired coach Yoon “Zero” Kyung-sup a few days ago. However, the 29-year-old LoL pro stepped down from his position a week or so after he was signed only to return as a player in the LPL as part of the Ninjas in Pyjamas roster, which is where he came from in the first place.

Why Did This Confusion Happen?

There must have been either some strange mix-up or the organizations behind the transfer didn’t complete the player/coach’s transfer. Zero was never really announced as joining the team officially on any of Dignitas’ social media profiles, but he was listed on the team’s Global Contract Database page. However, on December 12 he was removed from said page, only for him to end up on NiP’s Twitter page in an announcement that listed the org’s lineup for the 2024 season. There, he was listed as a substitute support.

Naturally, Zero suddenly appearing on NiP’s roster raised some eyebrows. Dignitas have not mentioned the player’s sudden departure from the team on social media, nor has anyone on NiP’s side commented on the whole ordeal. It’s also unknown why Zero seemingly decided to dip his toes in the North American competitive scene, only to go back to his native LPL just a few days later.

If it was the player’s decision and not that of the organizations involved, perhaps he was concerned about the current state of the LCS. It is no secret that competitive LoL in North America has been struggling somewhat in the last couple of years as viewership has dropped and some teams have left the league. It’s hoped that the signing of MarkZ as the new LCK Commissioner will help improve things in 2024.

Regardless of what happens, however, it seems that Zero will not be an active part of the NA scene for some time.

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