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Published: July 12, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Vex is the new forthcoming champion in League of Legends, possibly Yuumi’s lost master
  • The character is expected to be playable and leverage powerful magic to incinerate its opponents 
  • Riot Games continues to tell the story of the game by creating new compelling narratives 

Meet Vex, the gloomy yordel whose mood swings translate into powerful magic that bursts out on the battlefield incinerating all.

Vex to Launch as LoL’s Latest Character 

When a data miner strikes a vein, it’s usually gold. That is precisely what is happening with the League of Legends 157th champion, who is underway, according to reports, and who bears the testy name of Vex

But who is Vex, and what is she fighting for? Not much is known about her lore other than what the official Rise of the Sentinels video showed, and she seems to be linked to the storyline and lore nicely.

She may actually have trained Yuumi, the powerful magical cat whose master “mysteriously disappeared,” prompting Yuumi to take on the responsibility of becoming the Keeper of Norra’s sentient Book of Thresholds.

The champion is tied into the Legends of Runeterra storyline, which is tightly connected to everything happening in League of Legends and Wild Rift, helping shape the world of the game that started without any backstory to begin with.

Vex has a role to play, it seems, and she may be linked to Viego’s storyline as well. In terms of actual characteristics and battle competencies, Vex is of the irritable sort. She will channel the powers of magic to raze the battlefield with powerful burst magic that will make her a dangerous glass cannon in skirmishes.

How Vex performs will most likely depend on skills and overall attributes, but Riot Games have mastered the art of balancing their characters. While Vex may arrive with an expected power spike, she will be assimilated in the champion pool before long.

Vex should be joining the champion pool once the Akshan has wrapped up, which means that we may wait a while before the irritable ball of magic arcane erupts on the battlefields of the Nexus. 

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