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Published: December 24, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • The singer made an impromptu rendition of Arcane’s opening song
  • Reynolds was waiting in queue with streamer Midbeast when he decided to sing
  • Fans hope to see another collaboration between Imagine Dragons and Riot in the future

Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragon’s vocalist, decided to sing “Enemy” from Riot’s hit TV series Arcane while waiting in a League queue.

Reynolds Performs a Small Impromptu Concert

Content creator Drew “Midbeast” Timbs is one lucky guy because he got to have his own personal Arcane concert while waiting in a League of Legends queue on a recent stream. Midbeast was playing together with non-other than Imagine Dragon vocalist Dan Reynolds, who sang one of Arcane’s most memorable tracks, “Enemy”. The two were waiting to enter a League game when suddenly the latter started singing the song.

Arcane’s opening song has over 160 million plays on Spotify and over 46 million on YouTube. Reynolds performed an impromptu version of the song’s chorus, singing the deep bass tones and surreal high notes that League and Arcane fans have gotten to know. While delighting Midbeast and his viewers with the rendition, he fittingly picked Vi. Whether this was intentional or subconscious is unknown, but one can say it’s a fitting champion for the situation.

Imagine Dragons Are No Strangers to LOL

The world of League of Legends grew even more with the release of Riot’s first full animated TV series, just after the 2021 World Championship ended. Arcane dominated Netflix charts in over 50 countries, and its opening song “Enemy” became a well-known piece of LoL’s world.

Reynolds, and other members of his band, are no strangers to league of Legends. In interviews before he has explained that he and his co-musicians and singers were hooked to the game and how they played every time they had the chance between a live concert and another. He has even shared an incident when he and his team were late to go on stage at a concert because they were in the middle of an LoL game.

“Enemy” is not the only instance Imagine Dragons have partnered with Riot. Way back in 2014 the two came together for the first time to create the anthem for the 2014 World Championship “Warriors”. With well over 300 million views on YouTube, that song has become one of Imagine Dragon’s most popular pieces and has cemented the band into the minds of gamers across the world. League fans had to wait more than seven years to see another collaboration between Riot and Imagine Dragons. However, since season two of Arcane has been announced to be in production, LoL fans might soon be delighted by another great song from the band.

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