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Published: January 28, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Only these two mid lane champions have more than 100 wins so far this season
  • Both have scale very well in the late game
  • The meta might be changing with future updates

Out of all mid-lane LoL champions, only Corki and Viktor have managed to break the 100 win barrier in this professional season so far.

Corki and Viktor Are Some of the Most Picked Midlaners

The mid-lane role in League of Legends has always been one requiring much responsibility. Players who choose it have to carefully puck a good mid-lane champion. With each season there come various buffs and nerfs to champions, so the “meta” is always changing. However, after two weeks of League of Legends play in 2022 there have been two mid-lane champions to stand above the rest, those being Corki and Viktor. According to competitive stats aggregate Games of Legends, those two have hit more than 100 wins across global competitions so far this year.

It is interesting to note that the mustached bombardier and the technological wizard lead every other mid-lane champion by a long stretch. In fact, the champion with the third most wins so far this year, Vex, is only at 43 wins worldwide. For comparison, Corki has won 59 percent of his 176 games played, leading Viktor and his 52 percent win rate through 201 games. The yordle pilot also has a higher draft presence, having been banned 199 times.

Why Are These Champions Played So Much?

The success of Corki and Viktor players can be attributed to the fact both characters have great damage and safe laning. They both scale well in the later game, which is very useful in this season’s meta. This is even more evident by the fact that the Teleport summoner spell was changed, as it cannot be used on wards or minions before 14 minutes.

Since teammates aren’t able to join as easily using Teleport, many players have been encouraged to play a more careful defensive early game and avoid risky battles at the beginning. Instead, teams have decided to focus efforts on scaling champions. Corki and Viktor are the perfect choices for that strategy.

There are, however, negative sides to this meta. The game for mid laners has become somewhat stale. Since Corki and Victor fit the team’s composition very well, their players are forced to use only them.

Riot may be making changes to these and other champions as the season progresses. The company has already revealed Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, a new bottom laner. We could be seeing the meta changing in the next few months.

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