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Published: February 22, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Cloud9 has released Nick “LS” De Cesare from his position as head coach
  • The cause for this decision hasn’t been confirmed as of yet
  • LS said that he is doing well and is glad to have received so much support from his friends and fans

Cloud9 has released its head coach LS from duty, replacing him with Max Waldo. This sudden move has shocked the fans.

LS to Leave Cloud9

It was announced that Nick “LS” De Cesare, the head coach of Cloud9’s League of Legends team, has been released from duty. The team added that its next head coach will be Maxwell Alexander “Max Waldo” Waldo. This sudden reveal shocked the community as there isn’t an obvious reason for this decision.

LS is a famous name in League of Legends esports. Not only is he a professional coach but he’s also the co-owner of Mobalytics, a site dedicated to LoL stats and data.

LS’s skills as a coach are widely-acknowledged and he has proven himself more than once.  LS’s team has won three out of four matches in the ongoing League of Legends Championship Series Spring Season and is yet to score more victories. In the wake of this success, dismissing LS didn’t seem like a logical move to many of the fans.

LS Is Glad to Have Worked with Cloud9

LS himself shared that he had been informed of Cloud9’s decision just four hours before the official announcement. He revealed he was just as surprised at first but quickly came to terms with the facts. LS said it is now time to think about what he will do next.

The ex-head coach spoke about his experience in Cloud9, sharing that the organization’s players and staff were exceptional. He wished them all the best, adding that he hopes they will find success. LS also spoke about his time as a coach and explained that he is happy with what he managed to achieve:

“I set out to show some things were possible (gameplay/draft/etc) & in that short time I believe we were able to show a glimpse of it. Even though the journey ends, I still feel satisfied that the team & players were able to showcase what we had, and knowing a lot more was possible.”

LS reassured his fans that he is doing fine. He said that he’s flattered by the moral support of his fans, friends and mentors.

Meanwhile, fans were bewildered by the sudden dismissal of Cloud9’s former head coach. Some went as far as saying that they will reconsider their support of the organization until a reasonable explanation has been provided.

It is interesting to see whether Cloud9 will provide further insight into what prompted the sudden decision to change its head coach.

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