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Published: December 28, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • The organization has made significant changes to both its team and coaching staff
  • It seems Cloud9 will be concentrating a lot less on its Academy players
  • Veteran Zven will be playing more actively

Cloud9 recently revealed their new roster lineup for the 2022 Academy League of Legends, confirming the addition of Malice.

New Lineups for a New Season

Recently Cloud9 unveiled the roster for their 2022 Academy League of Legends. The organization will go into the 2022 LCS with 11 players. It is confirmed that the Swedish jungler Malice is amongst them. AD carry veteran Zven is also going to be featured in the lineup. Out of the 11 players, five will be part of the main team, and the other six will be fielded for the organization’s Academy team.

Nick “LS” De Cesare is the team’s new head coach, and he recently explained how Cloud9 went about creating the new roster composition in the offseason in an announcement video posted on Twitter yesterday.

LS said that Riot “doesn’t care about Academy.” Because of this, the coach said that C9’s main goal is to create “the best version of the Cloud9 team that we can possibly make.” This may suggest that C9’s priorities for next season will lie with the main team, rather than making the players in training a lot better.

What More Can We Expect from C9?

The team’s Academy lineup is largely unchanged going onto the 2022 season. Four of the five players will be staying with the organization. These are top laner Darshan, mid laner Copy, AD carry K1ng, and support player Isles.

Zven and K1ng will split time at the AD carry position for Cloud9 Academy in 2022. They traded places in the middle of the 2021 season when K1ng was brought up to C9’s LCS roster for nine games during the Summer Split.

LS said that Zven will be playing more actively than K1ng, participating in the internal Academy scirms and the scrims versus the LCS team. “The reality is that K1ng is just going to be playing in the matches,” LS said. “Although he’ll be having way less practice time and way less scrimmage time, he’ll still be participating in all of the internals and whatnot, but Zven is still effectively the Academy AD carry.”

The organization went through massive changes to both its player roster and coaching staff not too long ago. Less than a month ago, Cloud9 parted ways with three of its coaches, namely Mithy, Reignover, and Westrice. It will take time to see how the organization will fare without these coaching veterans.

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