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Published: September 22, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • It’s mostly thanks to a crucial patch last week that increased her survivability
  • Players also seem to have finally gotten the grasp of her abilities
  • Still, some say Riot Games should focus on champion reworks, instead of adding new characters

Briar, the Restrained Hunger, had a troubled start in Lol, having a pitiful 35% win rate initially, but after a special patch, she quickly passed the 50% mark.

Briar Reaches Important Milestone

Whenever a new champion enters the Summoner’s Rift, LoL players often swarm onto it to try out their gameplay. Usually, it takes some time for the player base to get used to the new character and figure out their abilities, strategies, and items. However, when they do, said champion’s win rate often skyrockets.

This seems to currently be happening with Briar, LoL’s 165th addition to its champion list. Following a crucial survivability buff the Restrained Hunger received last week, she has quickly surpassed the 51% win rate. That being said, her overall win rate for Patch 13.18 is still terrible. Sitting at just 46,65% according to the League stat tracker U.GG, but it will only grow from here.

Things for Briar are even better when you consider how low her win rate was when she launched. It was so bad that it was in the low to mid-30s and it looked like it would not change soon. She currently holds the unenviable title of holding the lowest win rate of any newly released champion we have seen in a long time.

Fortunately for her and her mains, the champion has regained her foothold in the Summoner’s Rift following last week’s patch. Fans also seem to be noticing this and have started banning the champion from games. According to Lolalytics’ daily win rate tracker, Briar has an over 44% ban rate, which is quite substantial.

That being said, not everyone seems to like the new champion despite her climbing win rates. Many players, including DRX’s BeryL, said Riot Games should focus more on champion reworks instead of adding more and more characters in the game. They argue that adding new ones like Briar makes the game feel somewhat bloated. Meanwhile, there are champions from the very first generation, released with the launch of the game back in 2009, which have barely been changed. “In my opinion, there are more than 20 champions that need to be remade,” DRX explained, with many other players echoing his opinion.

Regardless, it seems that Briar’s win rate will continue to climb unless Riot does something that affects her with the release of Patch 13.19 next week.

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