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Published: November 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The new PvE battles will be released on December 7
  • Riot is also changing champion and item power levels
  • The Boss Battles can be tested during the PBE, starting from November 15

The latest string of changes Riot is rolling out for Teamfight Tactics will see players grind for special items in the new Boss Battles.

TFT Will have New Boss Battles

Teamfight Tactics’ Set Eight will soon begin and new PvE battles will arrive with it. From December 7, when the new set is scheduled for release, the Treasure Dragons will be replaced with Boss Battles. These battles will be the new way players acquire items and components. 

This move from Riot puts an end to the Treasure Dragons method of getting late-game items, components, and gold. The Treasure Dragons were in the game starting from Set Four and lasted up until the middle of Set Seven, and were crucial in the attempts to improve late-game comps.  

During Set Eight, Stage 4-7 will now showcase a Boss Battle that drops a new component Anvil. It will work not too differently from the Tomb of Traits. This means that players will have to sell the Anvil to have an Armory appear, which will the players with three component choices to choose from.

Stages 5-7 and 6-7 will also now feature Battle Bosses, however, they will instead drop a full item Anvil instead of a component Anvil. Players will once again have to sell it, but since the full Anvil is obviously a more expensive object than the component one, players will be able to choose from one of five items, instead of just three. 

What Other Changes Are Coming to TFT Soon?

Riot Games have been recently making quite a few changes to League of Legends and its mobile version Temafight Tactics. Perhaps the most notable change, on the marketing side of things at least, is the fact that Riot will now self-publish both games in Southeast Asia. This move and the 12-year-long partnership that the company had with Garena, the developer and publisher responsible for both games in the region. 

This marketing and distribution move coincides with many TFT in-game changes. Many of the game’s items now have different behavior. This ranges from Glove no longer having dodge to the addition of a new item called Guardbreaker. Champions have also not been spared changes. Now their abilities can no longer critically strike without help. However, their power levels have been increased, while those of items have been diminished slightly. 

Players will be able to test the new Boss Battles before the full release of the patch during the PBE that starts on November 15. 

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