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Published: January 17, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Bilibili Gaming defeated Weibo Gaming in the LPL
  • The match was the first game for Bilibili’s new roster
  • Bilibili will next face Oh My God on January 20

Bilibili Gaming’s new roster has managed to win its very first game in the League of Legends Pro Series.

Bilibili Gaming Moves Forward

Bilibili Gaming’s new League of Legends roster has turned out to be a great success. While the team is yet to participate in enough games to form reliable statistics, its players have just defeated Weibo Gaming during the League of Legends Pro League.

During the match, Bilibili Gaming’s player demonstrated amazing technical skills, map control, and teamwork. Eventually, they ended up winning the game with a 2:1 score. This is an important milestone for Bilibili as this was its first competitive game since the organization decided to reshuffle the lineup. Starting off with a win is always good for morale.

Bilibili will next face Oh My God in a match scheduled for January 20. OMG currently boasts a perfect record and will be a tough opponent to beat. Regardless, it is exciting to see how Bilibili’s new roster will fare on the highly competitive LPL scene.

The Heated Match Between Bilibili and Weibo

While waiting for the next LPL developments, here is a summary of how the game between Bilibili and Weibo went on:

At first, Weibo had the advantage. The two teams opened with an aggressive play from their respective junglers. While Bilibili’s disrupted the enemy lines with some key takedowns, Weibo still had the better map control thanks to its solo laners. The latter team managed to get all of the dragons, got the Dragon Soul and even slew the Baron. With so much advantage, there was no way Weibo wouldn’t have won.

Things weren’t looking good for Bilibili and its team members knew they have to step up their game. In the second game, Wei “WeiWei” Bo-Han, the team’s jungler, doubled down on his jungle efforts. He opened the way for a top lane gank which provided Bilibili with the jumpstart it needed. The team managed to hold the line on all fronts and quickly piled up so much gold that they had 2,000 more than their opponents. This number eventually skyrocketed to 8,000, with the game obviously ending in Bilibili’s favor.

Everything was about to be decided with the last game. It opened in Weibo’s favor with the team once again demonstrating amazing map control. Still, Bilibili Gaming buckled up and managed to turn the tables. While Bilibili was far from replicating the jungle success from the second game, its efforts were still enough.

Bilibili eventually got in a heated Teamfight with Weibo in the Baron pit and surprised everyone by winning the exchange and subsequently winning the game. With the match over, Bilibili’s record in the LPL rose to 1:0 while Weibo’s fell to 1:2.

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