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Published: October 9, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Swiss team defeated Golden Guardians to take the last spot
  • GG were considered the favorite but were unexpectedly obliterated by BDS
  • BDS finally broke the string of mediocre results they have posted during the summer

After defeating fan-favorite Golden Guardians in a very one-sided 3-0 match, Team BDS occupy the last berth for the LoL World Championship 2023.

BDS Qualify

League of Legends World Championship 2023 is approaching fast and everyone is clamoring to prepare for the event. The most crucial part of this preparation is actually getting a berth in the tournament, with teams duking it out at various qualifiers to get into the event. Team BDS is one of these lucky squads, as the players took the LEC’s final fourth seed after quickly dispatching of Golden Guardians.

BDS dictated the flow of the match from the very first game. The LEC representatives from Switzerland aggressively took control of the early game and used well-placed wards to gain early map control. BDS owes much of their performance in the first game to their jungler Sheo, whose help let the team defeat Golden Guardians in less than 21 minutes.

Interestingly, BDS were the underdogs in this match. The Swiss team struggled domestically and had a somewhat mixed bag of results this year. Yet it seems that they learned a lot from their mistakes, as they performed very consistently and systematically during their match with Golden Guardians. BDS demonstrated complete control in what could be considered the most dominating and one-sided game of the series, reminiscent of the Swiss players’ performance in the LEC during the Spring Split.

Then, the team finished in second place after being defeated by MAD Lions in a hotly-contested match, that ended in a 2-3. Unfortunately for BDS, their performance dropped significantly afterward, with the team finishing in 5th place in both LEC 2023 Summer Season and LEC 2023 Summer Groups.

Meanwhile, GG’s performance seems to have taken quite the opposite route. The team had food experience on the global League of Legends stage, which was seen as a big advantage in their match against BDS. However, GG took a one-month downtime between the end of their regular season and their match against BDS, which seems to have made the team lose quite a bit of their gusto.

If anything, this match provided an unexpected showing from both teams – one underdog obliterating a favorite, proving to be quite an interesting experience for viewers. It will be interesting to see if BDS’s victory against GG is the start of the rise of a new favorite and how long will the Swiss team be able to keep that momentum.

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