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Published: August 11, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Wild Rift welcomes a new player straight from the top tiers of Arena of Valor with Shin “JJak” Chang-hoon joining
  • GLUG Gaming will be the player’s new home organization, albeit the player would need to play when called upon
  • JJak will focus on honing his skills to the point where he becomes a permanent part of the roster

After winning multiple competitions Arena of Valor esports pro Shin “JJak” Chang-hoon will give Wild Rift a serious shot.

JJak Takes on Competitive Wild Rift Seriously

As the world of mobile esports is once again being rejuggled, players are shifting their allegiance to different mobile franchises. In this case, Arena of Valor professional player Shin “JJak” Chang-hoon is stepping out of the arena and joining League of Legends: Wild Rift he will now play as part of GLUK Gaming’s roster.

The player has achieved major recognition within the community, securing multiple titles from various competitions across Thailand, Taiwan, and not least South Korea. While he has proven his name in AoV, JJak will have to yet carve a name for himself in Wild Rift.

GLUG Gaming is putting him as a substitute player, to begin with, but should he show the necessary talent, there is a good chance he will be rotated into the main roster. GLUK Gaming is hoping to secure a better standing in the upcoming Wariwari 2021 event, which pits some of the best teams, most of which have been formed in recent weeks and months.

The event is already ongoing and will continue through August 24, 2021. JJak will stand a chance to prove his worth and participate in the Wild Rift World Championship, which offers a $22,000 prize pool. JJak’s motivation doesn’t seem to be money as the player is leaving Arena of Valor, even though the game offered much better rewards.

Making a Name for Himself within GLUG Gaming

He will also be joining other talented players known by their in-game monikers, name Hasome, Haku, Dani, Acrobat, Tong, and ChoiR. An established name in mobile esports, changing to a new game will be the ultimate test of JJak’s ability.

As to his motivation to switch from AoV to Wild Rift, he is most likely looking for new challenges and perhaps counts on Riot Games developing Wild Rift beyond Arena of Valor’s current success.

However, JJak is also stepping out of his comfort zone to compete against some of the world’s best organizations. Immortals and Sentinels both established rosters just a few weeks ago.

TSM FTX, a company that outright stated that it would seek to dominate global mobile esports, is already in on the action. In other words, JJak will have to go the extra mile to set his footprint on the Wild Rift competitive scene.

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