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Published: November 9, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Riot’s first animated series dominated the charts in 38 countries
  • Arcane is well received by both critics and the general audience
  • The show owes its popularity in large part due to great marketing from Riot

Riot’s new animated series Arcane reaches the top spot on Netflix in 38 countries, passing the previous champion Squid Game.

Arcane Is Breaking Records

Arcane is Riot’s first animated TV series and is taking the Internet by storm. The story is set in the universe of League of Legends and follows characters LoL players will be very familiar with. The show’s popularity grew so rapidly due to Riot’s large advertising campaign, which includes special events across all Riot titles.

Since its launch, Arcane has been quickly climbing the popularity charts, reaching the top spot on Netflix in 38 countries, according to flixpatrol. This early popularity should not be surprising, considering the series was well-received both by critics and the general audience. The show is massively popular in countries like Argentina, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Thailand, and many others. It is also in the top 5 in South Korea and Canada.

According to Bloomberg, Arcane was well received in China as well, reaching over 130 million viewers across the nation just a few hours after the release of its first act. It also became one of Tencent’s, China’s massive media conglomerate, most searched topics.

A Marketing Success

Arcane’s popularity continues to grow just mere days after its release. The first three episodes were released just after League of Legends 2021 World Championship’s final, which was held in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital on Saturday. The show will be released in three different parts, with the next one slated for Saturday, November 13.

The animated series’ climb to fame is in large part due to Riot’s extensive marketing campaign. The studio reached out to many other businesses and franchises, even working with fashion brand Fenty Beauty in order to make its diverse cast of characters even more appealing.

Another thing Riot did is to collaborate with games from other studios, to bring Arcane-themed content to them, like patches, skins and more. These games include popular non-riot Titles like PUBG and even Among Us.

Last, but certainly not least, is Riot’s so-called RiotX Arcane event and its subevent Progress Days. The event was released on November 6 and brings Arcane-themed content across all of Riot’s games.

It remains to see how long Arcane will hold its title of most-viewed Netflix show, but considering the second and third parts of the series are slated to be released on November 13 and 20 respectively, Arcane will surely have to chance to reign for a long time.

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