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Published: February 28, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Yet another prominent TSM member leaves the organization
  • White leaves helped create dozens of TSM Legends episodes
  • They show players’ struggles behind the scenes in preparation for tournaments

TSM Legends’ director Andrew White decided to leave the organization after more than six years of service.

White Leaves TSM

TSM has been having a rough time the past few weeks, losing some of its most valuable members. Recently, TSM Legends director Andrew White left the organization after more than six years with TSM. This comes just less than a month after Parth “Parth” Naidu, a veteran who was a member of TSM for seven years, also parted ways with the organization.

White’s work with TSM started in 2015 when he joined as a video producer for TSM Legends, the organization’s documentary web series. In the coming years, he became one of the organization’s longest-tenured staff members, climbing up the company hierarchy until he became the director of TSM Legends. He leaves the organization having worked across 10 esports titles and having helped create 89 episodes of TSM Legends.

“I’m grateful to have been a part of this unique period in esports,” White wrote in a Tweet announcing his departure, “and for the opportunity to share these moments with the world.”

What Did White Accomplish in TSM?

White leaves dozens of episodes dedicated to the best and worst “intimate” moments of TSM’s various teams. Esports viewers rarely get to see how their favorite teams are preparing for tournaments, or how they are dealing with losses or other negatives that come in an esports player’s career.

The now-former TSM Legends director said in his parting video that he wanted fans to also feel these struggles. He stated that when TSM’s teams were victorious, fans would also feel the immense relief of victory. White also mentions that this was his way of showing viewers the difficulty and effort required to succeed. “And maybe use those feelings to drive them, help them aspire to something of their own,” he added.

It is unknown if White’s decision to leave is prompted at least in part because of TSM’s rapidly diminishing viewership. Over the past six to eight months, TSM has lost more than 30 million followers, largely due to the leaving of many of its prominent members. White’s departure might exacerbate this problem.

Despite this, TSM remains one of League of Legends’ most successful franchises, being backed by eight Worlds appearances, seven LCS split titles, and a perfect LCS playoffs attendance streak. However, with only nine games left in the LCS 2022 Spring Split, TSM will look to make a second-half resurgence in Week Five going up against FlyQuest on March 5.

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