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Published: August 22, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • With this victory he guarantees himself a spot at the Dragonlands TFT World Championship
  • The player gets this invite less than a year after starting professional TFT play
  • Amde demonstrated a persistent and unyielding playstyle throughout the whole event

Amde emerged on top of the 32 players at the Dragonlands Set Seven Mid-Set finals, earning him a direct invite to the Dragonlands TFT World Championship.

Amde Wins the Mod-Set

Teamfight Tactics’ Dragonlands Set Seven Mid-Set just ended, producing the final eight players North American players who get slots at Regionals and Worlds. Among the many battle-hardened players, one relative newcomer by the name of Amde earned his first direct invite to the Teamfight Tactics World Championship.

The 32 players that participated in the three-day-long event south invites to the Regional Finals in Set 7.5 and a direct invite to Worlds. Being played in Patch 12.15, some of the best compositions included Daeja, Shi Oh Yu, and Corki, while other players found success with unorthodox tram comps.

The final day of the event was the day Amde shined. He came into the Mid-Set Finale with three bonus points after finishing at the top of the leaderboard on day two. Furthermore, the player had only one eighth-place finish throughout the entire 18 games of the tournament.

Despite the overall great performance, the third day of the event did not start in Amde’s favor because he finished fifth in the first game. However, the player quickly got his bearings and again showed the consistent playstyle he had showcased throughout Set Seven. By the time the player finished third in the sixth game, he had already got enough points to win the Mid-Set Finale. Due to his spectacular performance, Amde earned a direct invite to the Dragonlands TFT World Championship.

The three other players, who finished behind Amde, also get guaranteed invites to play at the Set 7.5 Regional Finals. These are Beratasaurus, Clear, and MD Pockygom.

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