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Published: November 25, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Adam “Adam” Maanane has spoken about his decision to leave Fnatic’s ranks
  • One of his main reasons was the unjustified leave of his peer Upset who left the team just before Worlds
  • Furthermore, Adam was disgruntled by the way the team and the management treated him after the World Championship was over

Adam spoke about his reasons for leaving Fnatic, revealing that the team and the management treated him awfully once Worlds was over.

Adam Was Not Happy with Upset Never Justifying His Leave

Adam “Adam” Maanane, a League of Legends esports athlete who formerly played for Fnatic, spoke about the abysmal post-Worlds period he went through before leaving the team. According to his own words, during that time, Adam was treated terribly by both Fnatic’s management and the other professional players.

Adam shared his personal thoughts in a TwitLonger post yesterday, confirming that he left the team of his own volition, just as some fans suspected. He explained that his overall journey with Fnatic wasn’t so bad despite ending on a negative note. Adam said that he is proud of his performance but admits that the overall conditions weren’t optimal for the team.

This is further attested by Fnatic’s results as the team was quickly knocked out of the World Championship after scoring a lamentable 1-5 result and failing to advance to the playoffs stage.

One of the reasons for this unfortunate performance is the sudden leave of the team’s reliable attack damage carry, Elias “Upset” Lipp. The player abandoned the team 12 hours before their first game, excusing himself that he has “urgent family matters” to take care of.

Adam spoke about Upset’s leave, revealing that he was very disgruntled to see one year of training and effort for qualifying to Worlds go to waste. The former player said that not only was the leave unjustified but he doubts Upset really had something urgent because otherwise, he would have clarified the exact reason. Adam went as far as accusing Upset of leaving to be with his lonely girlfriend. Regardless of what the truth is, the team had to “deal with it” and eventually lose at Worlds.

Adam added that the rest of the team didn’t have regrets because they knew they did their best.

Adam Was Terribly Treated Once Worlds Ended

Adam’s reasons for leaving Fnatic came about with the end of Worlds. One of the first things that bugged him was Upset’s refusal to share why he had to leave even when it was already said and done. The other were the various changes the team was making to the roster and the talks to have Adam replaced.

“Then came the Perkz and Alphari rumors. When I learned that FNC was trying to replace me, I honestly felt like a betrayal, and that’s when I definitely wanted to leave this team,” Adam shared, “I also learnt later that the botlane in general didn’t want to play with me anymore and was looking for a veteran type of toplaner! Of course, afterwards I went to see Upset to explain myself and he let me understand that I was not up to his ambitions.”

“I left because I was treated like shit by the management, and even the players of the team,” Adam finally concluded.

The player added that although it’s unfortunate his Fnatic journey ended on such a negative beat, he also had many good memories with the team.

Adam may be playing again very soon as the esports news outlet Upcomer reported Adam may be joining Team BDS.

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